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You think these blue giants feel the same? You think they ever have these days?



Immortality, to many, is seen as a gift. A gift to those who have earned it, to those who deserve it. Celestia, now counting millenia, merely sees her age as nothing but a number. Her lover, however, is not so gifted.
These thoughts eat at the Princess of the Sun, and they keep her awake at night.

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Zurvan #1 · Mar 3rd, 2014 · · 1 ·

wow! just wow!

This is a highly underexplored pairing to encounter. It's such a shame that so few people actually see it as being viable.

So... is this a one shot? It reads like a one shot.

This is fairly sad. I do see a lot of potential here, that this could be continued on. Just a thought.

It would be horrible to not age and know that your lover would become withered and old and then die.

Reiku #7 · Mar 3rd, 2014 · · 1 ·

The world needs more Rarilestia <3

Glad you enjoyed it mate!
...Unless that was a bad wow :rainbowderp:

Certainly is buddy.
Thanks for the comment :twilightsmile:

Yep. Thanks for pointing that out dude.
Corrected it now.
Hope you enjoyed the story! :pinkiehappy:

We are the loveheart gang.
A gang who's attempts to be taken seriously are severely undermined by the emblem and name of said gang.
(Thanks for reading, and your help on this one buddy :twilightsmile:)

I may continue it in the future.
I need to carry on with my main fic, so any potential continuation would have to be put on the back-burner for now.
Still though, maybe soon :raritywink:

It would definitely be a shitty situation.
Poor Celestia :fluttershyouch:
Thanks for reading man!

I like your avatar. That pony looks chilled as fuck.
But it certainly does friendo!
Thanks for the comment :pinkiesmile:

4031099 Thanks! <3 And do you think you'll expand the idea? The being of the romance, or the end? I'd be thrilled to see more!


that was a good wow, i simply was at a loss for words.

Got a few more one-shot ideas, a multi-chapter story idea, a current multi-chapter fic as well as a collab on my mind at the moment friendo.
Still though, I'm quite happy with this and there's no reason to think I'm never going to revisit the idea.
I'll leave it as complete for the moment, but I may end up coming back to this, or maybe putting out a sequel in the near future :raritywink:

I'm happy that you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

You know that this means that Tia must abuse Starswirls Spell to give Rares immortality.

ungracefully spilled => spilled ungracefully
What made Celestia the most uncomfortable though, => What made Celestia the most uncomfortable, though,
what she wanted was irrelevant, time and age would preserve her => what she wanted was irrelevant; time and age would preserve her
The alicorn sighed, she at least now => The alicorn sighed; she at least now OR The alicorn sighed. She at least now

The individual lines and paragraphs are well-written, but you don't need to repeat Celestia thinking the same thing in slightly different ways over and over. I'd increase the show/tell ratio by removing most of the lines where Celestia reflects directly on the fact that Rarity is getting older. Mentioning her birthday is a little less direct. The repetition of "unicorn-sized bed" is direct, but a nice call-back.

This is a starting point for a story, but I believe both Celestia and Rarity would be aware of and pursue the implications further. You could get over the "Rarity will die" bit faster and move on to "...so how do they deal with that?"

Bradel mentioned this in a thread on Intelligent Shipping, which got me thinking about Celestia/Rarity possibilities, and now I've written a short one myself, which should come out sometime this week.

Thanks for pointing those grammatical problems out buddy, I've fixed them up now.
And as far as this being the starting point for a story, I was initially just planning to keep it as a one-shot, however a few people have recommended continuing. I certainly won't be for now, but I am coming up with some ideas for maybe another couple of chapters, or maybe a sequel.

And I look forward to reading your Rarity x Celestia story! :twilightsmile:

I really like Molestia. That's the only reason I won't scream Fancity all over the internet. :scootangel:

Why isn't their more of this pairing. This was lovely and very well written to me.


I was kind of expecting more of a romance, with more character interactions, given the tag. However, for what it is, this is nice. I feel like this would be something Celestia thought of often, even if she weren't in a relationship. I'm sure she would have come up with some sort of philosophy in that time.

This is a pair I haven't encountered much of, but it always seems to work so well. Excellent piece here, really. :twilightsmile:

This is indeed, has been, and will always be, a story about horses.
We live in a society. Upvoted

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