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Hunting for gems is hard work, especially in the heat of midday sun. Needing to cool off, Rarity seeks the shade, unknowing of what waits for her.

Chapters (2)
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Well, it is Rarilestia, so there is probably some kind of law in place that I have to like it. Woe is me!
The pacing is probably a tiny bit fast, and I'm not sure if Rarity would hide what she was doing from Celestia, but other then that, well, I like it. Please go on.

Princess Celestia taunts many of us, if I had control over my dreams she would be in them every time ! :raritywink:

I can't quite put my finger on it but something about the way celestia talks seems odd. To me, she seems rather flat in this story. Rarity on the other hand is much more fleshed out.

It's not a bad story. But Celestia feels really out of character at times and the pacing is really fast. Still an interesting idea reguardless

That's a really good name for the second chapter because I want to see more of these two, seeing Raritys reaction would have been great.

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