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It's hippy bullshit, but it's true!


Ever since the Summer Sun Celebration, Twilight has been settling in to life in a small town away from Canterlot. And while she loves her new friends, she can't help but admit that it's a much bigger change than she'd initially thought.

But things like homesickness, getting lost, and dealing with the way everyone seems to stare at you and whisper are all just part of moving somewhere new.

Twilight just needs to adjust.

A suburban horror

Amazing artwork done by Lilfunkman

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Why just makes this just about Twilight and Rarity? Why not use all of the Mane Six?

Hey! So the main characters of the story are Twilight and Rarity. While the others will appear, some in greater capacity than the others, the story isn't really about them in the same way it's about Twilight and Rarity.


Fascinating. Looking forward to seeing where this is going.

Wow, wow, wow!! Words cannot describe how happy I am to have caught this on the front page. I've been looking for something new to follow, and this came along at exactly the right moment.
Seeing the words "suburban gothic" was so exciting I forgot how to breathe for a second and wow... Does your writing live up to the description. I love your style, love your characterization (Twilight and Rarity are so wonderfully in-character, while your interpretation of Spike is easily one of my favorites of all time), love the moodiness, and LOVE the possibility for a mystery here!! I myself am from a small, quiet town and even this relatively brief chapter totally captured what it's like to live in one. I am beyond excited to watch you expand upon that feeling, and its inherent potential for horror.
I will be watching this fix very, very closely! You made a fan today!!

Darkish tone. Horror tag. More to come.

Me likey.

Hm. Interesting style, I don't know if I like it yet or not, but it has me intrigued, will give it a follow and see what's to come.

But I don't want to go among mad people.

Hey, glad to hear it! Chapters will be released every Friday, I hope you'll come along for the ride :twilightsmile:

Then I hope you'll like what's to come! That horror tag is gonna get a lot more use :raritywink:

Many thanks! I hope I end up winning you over with where I take this :pinkiesmile:

Neither does Twilight, sadly Ponyville has more than it's fair share :P

Sincerely thank you for this comment, it's very kind and encouraging and I really appreciate it.
It's gratifying beyond words to have your work resonate with someone and for them to get exactly the message you're trying to convey. The horror this story, while I won't reveal anything, deals with is informed highly by the suburban panic around the constraints and intimacy of a smaller town (for me, it was moving back to one after living in a city for 4 years) as well as a general sense of social alienation.

I'm very glad you liked the first chapter and I hope you enjoy where the story is going to go. Chapters will be released every Friday.
Oh, and from one 'very bi' author to another I love your avatar :twilightsmile:

Intriguing, and definitely a good, subtle way hooking attention. I wonder if there's going to be a supernatural factor to this or psychological horror. Either way, it goes on my tracking list.

This is making me so anxious and I LOVE IT

Ughhhh this is so tense, write faster I need the resolution. :twilightsheepish:

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Haha glad you're liking it!
Thanks for the kind words :twilightsmile:

Thanks bud! Glad the tension is coming across
We're currently two of eight chapters in, and chapters will be released every Friday :scootangel:

It was nice knowing you, Snowdrop :ajsleepy:

Many thanks for the kind words, hope you continue to enjoy the story :twilightsmile:

There's effectively no way of me responding to this without spoiling something so I'll just say nothing :rainbowlaugh:

Didn't this story used to be complete?

Wasn't the waiter gray before...?

Hmm, I'm not sure. If I had done that it would have been an error. The story has eight chapters total which will be released weekly! :twilightsmile:

Were they? :raritywink:

bleach white pegasus


dull grey hoof

Wait a minute...

deep red coat

Ok, I have a lot of concern and a lot of questions now.

I can't explain why, but my heart is pounding.

My chest is tight from fear.

I can't imagine it'll be long before Twilight breaks completely. There's only so many scrutinizing glares one can take without knowing what they're doing wrong.

je n'ais se quoi

"je ne sais quoi"

Haha glad people picked up on that, hopefully Twilight manages to find out the answers in due course :trollestia:

Many thanks for the comments, glad I could spook ya :raritywink:

This is another one of those ones where I can't really reply to it without spoiling anything :derpytongue2:

Thanks mate, fixed that now :twilightsmile:

A few small typos;

That was certainly surprisingly.


Twilight had spend a lot of time in her own head recently, and, though it was clear it wasn't doing her any good, she couldn't help herself.


The correct answer would have been that she had never met anyone from town like here in her before she moved.

In her seems superfluous, unless I'm parsing the sentence wrong.

Also - although this is entirely a personal preference thing, so take it as such - using numerals in the age seems a bit out of place. I think it's usually used mainly when text needs to look official, so it tends to stick out in regular narrative.

Still very intrigued by the story, and the acknowledgement that Twilight might just be seeing things that aren't there... or maybe not. There is one thing that might be worth addressing - the common horror trope of protagonists never calling the cops, or in this case the Princess. Even if the idea of failing the friendship assignment Celestia has given her might make her reluctant to straight-up ask about her "friends'" strangeness, asking about the town's behaviour combined with the strange symbol she'd been seeing would seem safe enough.

Is Twilight succumbing to... SPACE MADNESS? How long will it be until she becomes convinced that everyone is trying to steal her ice cream bar?

Gonna spoiler this. It's something you just need to read the first two chapters for.

assuming something is actually going on here (and that seems very likely) Spike seems in on it. I'm not sure if Twilight has another way to get into contact with Celestia, but given her paranoia and Spike's behavior in the first few chapters, I wouldn't blame her for not entirely trusting Spike or anyone else in the town for that matter. Go back and reread her initial encounter with Spike in the first chapter. Spike acts seemingly out of character, acting smug, and above Twilight, and jumping to anger fairly quickly... Later Twilight gives what I would say are legit reasons to be, at the very least, concerned with the situation, but Spike brushes her off in a smug and confident manner, not unlike the way Rarity has been acting... And guess who spends time helping Rarity out a lot and has already melded into the friend group better than Twilight? That's right. Spike.

Just my observations so far...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MO2LvgjzgmQ Have to say, this is absolutely perfect mood music for reading this entire thing. The tensity in the air is dense as butter.

Thanks for pointing those out my man, got them sorted now.
To me, as well as Twilight not thinking clearly getting in the way of rational side, she would also be too scared of letting the princess down to contact her about this. Considering this takes place in the first half of S1, we can remember around that time she was still wont to freak out about a missed letter, let alone letting the princess think she's lost her mind and has invented some crazy conspiracy about the town.


Those are some really cool observations and there's a LOT I'd like to reply with, but I don't want to potentially spoil anything so I'll have to do so when the story's done :twilightblush:

Now if we're talking music recommendations, we are definitely talking my language. Please find below a series of artists and albums who either directly or indirectly inspired my writing in this story, or who I just think are relevant to the overall tone.

Women - Public Strain

King Krule - The OOZ

Preoccupations - Preoccupations

Katie Dey - Solipsisters

Burial - Untrue

Giles Corey - Giles Corey

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - Skeleton Tree

The Microphones - The Glow Pt. 2

Altar of Plagues - Teethed Glory and Injury

Clipping. - Splendor and Misery

Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven

Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool

Tim Hecker - Virgins

Daughters - You Won't Get What You Want

Foxing - Nearer My God

Rebecca Sugar - Steven Universe Soundtrack (This show is my <3)

The National - Sleep Well Beast

Swans - The Seer (literally the inspiration for my name lol)

Leif - Loom Dream

2814 - Birth of a New Day

I will most certainly be giving all of these a listen. Have you ever heard of Purity Ring? They're another band I think of when reading this, or Sleep Party People. Most specifically:


Those bunny bois put on one hell of a jam. I really, really liked that.
And I've heard of Purity Ring but never listened to their solo stuff, is it decent? I should really get on that. They did have a pretty great feature on this Danny Brown track though:

3 kilo lump hammer on her head.

That's what you get for drinking porter on empty stomach ;P

Body snatchers

Purity Ring is a fantastic listen, hardly any bad albums from them at all. I've been listening to them for yeeeeeeeeeeeears now and the vocals of the main singer can make anything sound good... Their music videos are fascinating and morbid watches as well, truly the highlight for me.

How surprising to see Danny Brown mentioned here. Yeah, I started listening to them through that single song. :twilightsmile: Incredibly atmospheric band, listening to them releases always put me in a zen state. My favorites from them are probably Fleshine or:


Alright, so Rarity, in my mind, was actually trying to convince Twilight not to go to the Princess because she doesn't want royalty to know what's going on.

Now, if only we could find out what Twilight remembered...

Discord, you total asshole!

no wait wait

Start praying, Twilight, because Rarity is the Antichrist, and the Four Horseponies are ready to ride!

no no that's just silly how about

As Princess Celestia's most faithful student, Night Owl learned too much and had to be dealt with. Now it's Twilight's turn to enter the meat grinder.

or or or um

The beer is ponies! Ponieeeeeees!

I honestly have no idea why the town is gaslighting Twilight. Seems like a terrible idea, if they didn't also have the supernatural power to make Twilight care more about fitting in than the safety of herself and everypony around her. I think what hurts the most about this is Snowdrop's desperate silent plea for help, and then Twilight's too busy with self masturbatory angsting about whether she's crazy to even care. Twilight didn't want to help Snowdrop. She just wanted to know if Snowdrop's desperation was imagined or real. That is cold.

Either that, or Rainbow Dash's tired resignation, as if she knew there was no escape, from something for which she could never be forgiven.

Anyway this is an interesting story, and I already hate Rarity to death and also feel so sorry for the suffering she's going through.



This story is so good! I absolutely MUST find out what happens!

AHH I want to comment on this so bad but don't want to give owt away!
Sadly I'll have to wait :rainbowlaugh:

Glad you're enjoying it my man.
Honestly I think Twilight was rightly hard on herself for forgetting Snowdrop, but I also dont think she considered her to be genuinely crying for help that night
Who knows if she was anyway? ;)

Glad you're liking it mate! Stay tuned as we're down to the last handful of chapters now! :twilightsmile:

At this point I am surprised Twilight hasn't have a dream visit from Princess Luna given the sort of nightmares she's likely getting at this point.

Though if this really goes really south a royal rescue from a different princess if it is needed might be interesting.

Damn...I love it.

The way you described the music...horrifyingly beautiful. Also, that ending. Yikes.

Oh, and I noticed:



About outstanding stories. This is definitely one of them.

The atmosphere is insane.
Plus. This feeling of being completely alone in the middle of the living settlement. Holy hell, that is one of the scariest things I have ever read about.

I am utterly astonished by how well it makes me believe in what's happening.
Just wow.

That's a very interesting point actually. I suppose how early after Luna's rescue this is set, it could very well be that's she's not up to dreamwalking again this soon?
I won't comment any further to avoid spoiling anything :scootangel:

Thanks for that my man, I really appreciate all that it means a lot.
Also I really appreciate the frequent comments and support throughout this story mate. The end is in sight :raritywink:

Thanks a lot mate, that's really kind of you to say and I sincerely appreciate. I'm really glad you're enjoying the story and hope you enjoy what's to come

Dammit, I could hear that music. :fluttershbad:

She cocked her head up, made immediate eye contact with Twilight and smiled vacuously at her. She waited for Snowdrop to wave or look away, but she did neither.

Smiled vacuously... Oh! That!
I think I know what you're talking about here.
Ah! That's what you mean by "suburban horror!"
The kind of... ah, culture clash? Nice~ I know exactly what this is like. Some of it, at least.

Also, I think you mean "pried" instead of "prized" somewhere in this chapter.

Surburban Horror—can't say I've read a ton of that, but this does gives me mild Background Pony vibes, and I appreciate the S1 setting. Looking forward to seeing the rest of it!

Okay, 1) YAAAAAAS UPDATE!! 2) Hoooo boy, I see what that meant...

Not sure where the author is based, but “to pry” is US English; “to prize” is the equivalent in UK English, if I understand correctly.

The first great mystery that Young Twilight tackled: fucking magnets, how do they work? Later she would go on to unlock the secret of the cell phone-eating pelican.

Gave me chills. Can't tell if Twilight was just going crazy or there was something sinister in this town.

What the hell is going on? I want to know so badly!

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