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Celestia receives a letter from her faithful student. It's more than just a friendship report, for it is filled with pure emotion.

Today, I learned that there's more than one kind of spark.

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Dang. This was pretty darn good. :twilightsmile: TwilightxRarity ship, interesting. You shippers will ship anything. :rainbowlaugh: It does seem very logical, however. Like AppleDash ships. Nice fic. I love short stories. :raritystarry:

I'm not really one for this ship but this is still well done and very sweet.

I admit, when I came here I was expecting the letter to be a confession about Twilight's love for Celestia. Instead I'm pleasantly surprised to see it being Twilight and Rarity. Nice work.

it was good, but i think you forgot about spike.
doesn't twilight know that spike has a crush on rarity?
in the end, he would probably get hurt, as long as they don't keep it a secret
still gonna give it a up vote. .

I agree with TBP here in that Spike was clearly the method for sending the letter, but she does not address at all how the drake might feel about her new love. This could be expanded upon into a whole communication ring, all sending quite letters to Celestia as they all try to figure out their emotions, if you want to take it that way. But as it is, this is a very nice and cute letter to a dear friend, and gets an up vote. Also, you should look into entering this piece in the RariTwi, TwiRity, Twilight X Rarity Creation Contest. We're always looking for art in our humble contest as well, and you are a pretty good artist, amigo.


:trollestia: "My faithful student Twilight Sparkle,

Who's going to break the bad news to Spike?"

3821355 :twilightsheepish: We hired Pinkie to do it.

:facehoof: "On a completely unrelated note, Spike may be visiting Canterlot for the next few decades."

3821309 3820434 3821366 I've changed the wording. Now, it just says a flash of light. That could be Twilight's magic. I imagine that Spike would be happy for Rarity. This letter was written by Twilight, not Spike. Also, that's why I originally wrote this story, so that's really funny!

I feel bad for Spike. having your adoptive-mother taking your long time crush must be a kick in the nads

great story btw!

Rarity is my soul mate. I'm sure. I haven't even asked her out yet, but I somehow know. I feel it in my heart and my gut. She's the one, Princess.

For me, this makes Twilight's voice pretty much unrecognizable here. She can come up with nonsense no problem, but 'soul mates' isn't her flavour of nonsense. The concept of soul mates is illogical, and a focus on making things fit together logically is one of Twilight's main aspects as a character. Twilight's type of nonsense involves taking logic too far, well beyond any sort of clear concrete evidence.

If it were Rarity writing, yeah, that is her type of nonsense -- romanticism, elaborating masses of personal significance onto events that are in reality minor. In that sense, they would provide good foils to one another.

3985098 That's kind of the point. Twilight's never been in love and so everything is different. She's looking at this with feelings and emotions instead of her usual way of just reading until you find an answer.

P.S. This is a short story and if I take that out, it'll get even shorter, so I don't really want to change it.

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