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In the middle of the night, Rarity is awoken by a noise from downstairs.
But it's alright, because all she needs to do is quickly make sure everything's okay. Then she can go back to bed.
Then it'll be over.

Winner of the horror-themed 4th Koren's Kontest for the My Little Story Contest writing group. Originally this was done in an hour and unedited. This version here has received some slight refinement. The prompt was 'Mirror'.

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This story is wonderful. I love your characterization of Rarity, and the imagery you evoke is hauntingly beautiful. The way you escalate the tension, how you keep some things mysteries, and how the tension never quite leaves once the story ends... It's all stunning. You definitely deserved that win.

I love me a good horror short story. This was a good horror short story.

Sounds like some mirror needs a good ol' Friendship beaming.

This is good, but I swear I've read it before.

It kinda has a vibe like it could be a sequel or a related piece to Reflection. Good story, either way.

why do i read these at night? i hate the dark enough already. good story, man.

As usual, your horror evokes a familiar sense of fear and dread within me and makes me feel as though I am the character feeling what you lay out. Azure's review essentially said all I was going to and saved me a lot of typing, however, I found something else in the tarry horror: Perhaps Rarity has OCD. Everything having to be a particular way, follow a set rule, or her not letting go of the items in her storage room. Let alone the mirror that terrorizes her. Maybe the trepidation she feels is not a naturally occurring emotion, that is to say, that you or I in her situation would react the same way. Rather, her fear is her own mind taunting her.
Or maybe not. Either way, a stunning, and awe-inspiring, display of the horror genre.

Excellent work. You set the it all beautifully as the suspense and feelings of terror slwoly grew and grew until the end.
Very well done.

holy fuck that was nerve wracking

Nothing Is Scarier at its finest. Dang...

Author Interviewer

That was intense! :D

Wow, there's nothing I can actually point to, but somehow this smacks of cosmic horror! Love it!

Greetings. Your reading has been completed and can be found below. I hope you enjoy:

Cement. And a very deep tomb.

For the mirror and the poor fools that helped build it's tomb to ensure no one else remembers where it is.

Ive had similar nightmares and this story reminds me of childhood memories. Childhood terrors.

Who else is under the blankets and reading MLP horror fanfics? ✋😶

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