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This story is a sequel to That Isn't Me

Sweetie Belle used to dread looking in her mirror, because she would see so many different monsters. Monsters wearing her face, monsters wearing her friend's faces, monsters that didn't look like anything she'd ever seen before.

Nowadays, she doesn't see all these monsters, and that is so much worse.

Because now, she only sees the one.

This was for silly joke contest among friends where we had to write terrible expansions to each other's fics. Please be aware that this is actively meant to be a stupid and terrible sequel for the purposes of amusement so please adjust your expectations accordingly.

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My first time reading this, I was truly blown away at how fitting of a sequel it is. Oh, what I wouldn't give to read a masterpiece like this for the first time again. Not only that, but I've realized that it frankly surpasses the original. Keep on writing, man! E.

That was so well written for such a joke.
The signs were all there and it still hit me like a sack of bricks

To be completely honest in a world where humans don't exist I would definitely think that apes and humans in a image together would be horrific

I said it before and I'll say it again: you're a bloody genius, Seer. Don't you ever forget that. Even when you're writing a joke you make an incredibly tense work of horror and dread.

I suppose I should have seen the signs. The thing in the mirror, it's looks was never mentioned in detail, which left us imagining something terrible.

And I knew that I heard about the word "Troglodyte" somewhere, but I had forgotten all about it except for the fact that it's about some kind of animal.

For a joke, this is quite the fascinating read. I'm sure that it could be exploited much deeper, probably in another sequel, because "MONKE" affecting their world like this is bound to lead to something darker than a mirror.

Also, yeah, she's right about not finishing it, wouldn't make any sort of sense to any others.

This is still a horrifying tale, because ponies from beyond the place aren't supposed to know about the humor in such things.

This is still a confusing tale, because I just don't get the main part of the story. Continuity? What?

But ultimately, there is only one thing in my mind after this...

How in Equestria did she knew that it was a "MONKE"?

I mean, that painting, is that a monkey feeding an ape?

>inb4 it's her reflection
[edit] nope. :rainbowderp:

This was a fantastic continuation of the original, and the poetry was great too. I admit I was wondering what about any of this deserved the comedy tag until I reached the end lol.

This was for silly joke contest among friends

Do you know where I can read the other entries to this contest?

This was so well gosh darn written that I am actually furious it ended the way it did. Nonetheless, this was a great read!

So not all were published, these are the ones from this event that I know are on fimfic:

We recently have done another of these events and one is so far on fimfic with the same concept of writing stupid sequels to people's stories:

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