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To whoever this may concern, please, I beg you, for your own well being--DO NOT watch this film!

I don't know where this thing came from; it just showed up one day on our shelf and there doesn't appear to be any record of it on our inventory lists.

I'm not sure if this thing's freakishly enchanted, cursed, or whatever, but whenever I take it off the shelf, it reappears there the second I turn around! I even burned this thing out of annoyance and tossed it in a woodchipper a few times for good measure and it still manages to somehow come back every single time in one piece! I don't know, it's like this thing wants to be watched!

Still, it shouldn't--not by anypony! One of our employees here got curious and decided to look at it alone, and...and he hasn't been the same since...

Please, this is your last warning: put this thing back where you found it and walk away...

Cover provided by zoarvek who also proofread.

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Comments ( 13 )

You actually did it, and it was great

Man and I gave the Element of Shitposting to Flammenwerfer.

For a second I thought it would be Food Fight.

From the description, it seemed a tad like the fake snuff film, "V/H/S", but then I saw the comedy tag. Oh lord.

not gun lie, i thought The Ring had made it to Ponyville.

"What in tarnation did you just say about Applejack, ya orange chicken?! I'll have ya know that she graduated top of her class in apple-buckin', and has been involved in numerous missions by Celestia herself to defend Equestria, AND that she has over three-hundred confirmed trees bucked! She's also been trained in animal husbandry and is the top farmer in this entire side of the map! Compared to AJ, Rainbow Dash is nothing but a feathered mare! She will--"

Nice "Gorilla Warfare" reference.

YOU DID A THING. GUD JERB! -head pats-

Seriously though, nicely done.

7293887 Welp, you got me all exited.

Saw that I had a notification, saw that it was a comment, but then I was like "Oh, it's just Pencil..."

Fine, don't take my words of praise jackass. Not like I m-meant it or anything...

This was scaryer than Rings.

No wonder why Sweetie bell became empty who wouldn't after watching gen 3.5 trash (the worst of the series has to offer LOL).

Didn't see that coming?

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