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Twilight Sparkle feels that the Equestrian populace is too sheltered. As such, she is determined to keep them up to date with the latest happenings in Equestria. Backed by the Crown, she'll give them the best news they've ever seen.

Now, everyday, on the hour, Equestria At Six will be there, bringing you the news you know you can trust!

Collab story between myself and MadMaxtheBlack

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I have seen better news parodies but this ok
5 mustaches out of 10

Hillbe #2 · Nov 1st, 2016 · · 2 ·

:twilightoops: Spike! camera....

:moustache: ????

:twilightangry2: Rarity's not the only reporter on the set!

:raritystarry: !

Corrupt, childish, and stupid.
Just like the real news!
10 outa 10, lad.

Haha I really enjoyed that, put a smile on my face after a long work shift :pinkiehappy: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: 6/10 mustaches

Hehe. Great job on this one. This is EXACTLY how I could see Equestrian news going (at first) :rainbowwild:

A gasp followed by a mare fainting could be heard faintly in the background.

Okay, who of you had hired one of the flower-ponies?

Nice story!

I could really imagine a news show working like that.
Especially Twilight(?) was cool.
And head up, RD, your part was the most helpful one.

Oh Pinkie you Arsonist :pinkiehappy:

Pinkie you have one job, ONE job.:pinkiehappy:

It's like Villager News, but with its own interesting twists. I give it a DAN OUDDA DAN.


Behind each desk as a unique backdrop, chosen specifically for each mare.


On tonight’s news, we’ll open with a story that might be rather unsettling and shocking for the feint-of-heart.

faint (feint is like a deceptive attack to throw off an opponent like in chess)

She huddled there for a moment, her hooves placed flatly over the desk, before her ear suddenly twitch.

“Fluttershy,” Twilight hissed into her earpiece. “You’re up!”

Scratching my head, how do you talk into an earpiece, maybe her mic? Or is it Flutter's earpiece? 'hissed through her friend's earpiece.' maybe?

she stuttered.”They were play wrestling with each other

Space before 'they'

“I have it under good authority that Fluer De Lise,

I’d be careful if I were you, Fluer, lest those empty calories do a number on your stunning figure.

3rd one is good.:pinkiehappy:
Fleur Dis Lee according to MLP wikia.

“Why, Las Pegas, of course, silly!”


as the stallion was clinging to the top half of a street sign that said ‘Broardneigh’.

‘Broadneigh’ or were we going for roar?


Fortunately, the black-hearted hooligans gave in without any further loss of life, and law experts theorize that their sentence will range from a few years to maybe even a couple of decades.

Not in jail, that will be the extra years spent in the school system cause they're thick-heads.

Those curved haunches, that swan neck, the soft fluff of fur upon her chest, those insightful yet perceptive eyes

Well that's definitely in stallion wording!:trixieshiftright:
After RD's weather report, Tia will go ape at Twi. if she recovers?

Is your friend starting to suddenly question Celestia’s decisions? If yes, then immediately go to your nearest authority figure and report them.

Well that's all of Manehattan.
This is like a skit outta Kenny Everett Show or an episode of The Goodies, classic stuff!
Meanwhile back in the castle private viewing chamber...
Pinkie's arresting officer...

I see the way celestia rules. . .

Author Interviewer

Come for the news, stay for the propaganda! :O I approve.

Somehow, the joke that made me laugh the hardest was Twilight having shoulder pads. c.c

7754904 What did it for me was when Scarlet Blade messed up on the sports teams. The other was the first Pinkie Pie scene. XD

Thinner than expected.

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