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I'm not particularly too experienced in this kind of character so I can't give you too much advice on how to do them justice. However, I can tell you exactly what NOT to do. With the kind of character they are (aka one who's against the Mane Six for moral reasons over things done over the course of the show that may not have been popular with the fanbase) the ABSOLUTE last thing you ever want is for the character to devolve into a mouthpiece that just points out the most obvious criticisms the fanbase has had. I've seen it happen again and again and it has barely ever turned out well.

And frankly I dislike the episode "Fame and Misfortune" for most of those reasons. Sorta just came across as an angry Twitter rant wearing a real episode's skinsuit if that makes sense. Basically I'd say try to avoid that kind of scenario lol

Thanks. What do you think of Odium so far?

While there isn't necessarily much of a guideline for this sort of thing, I can tell you how I've done things in my experience. One way that's worked out pretty good for me is to take their character concept, expand on it as much as possible.

Taking Luxure as my example, she may be the character I'm most proud of for this. At her most basic, her concept stemmed from "Okay here's a villain who has some meta-awareness like say, Pinkie" and considering the nature of MLP as a children's show where the heroes are destined to win every time, how does one who's aware of the 'rules' take it? In her case it results in a lack of motivation to even bother anymore (Inevitably she would lose to the Mane Six should she fight so why even try?), followed by increasing bitterness and self-hatred now that she believes there is no place for her in the world anymore, resulting in her indulging her excesses in alcohol to keep those invasive thoughts at bay, which of course led to disaster with her dragging Fluttershy into her bullshit.

Taking that basic concept into account even more, I had her react to other former villains in a very patronizing way for not being as 'enlightened' to the situation as she believes herself to be (Discord being the exception as he may be more aware than Luxure knows)

  • Viewing 62 - 66 of 66
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