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This a group dedicated to my reviewing. I can't keep the stories on read later so I'm dedicating all the reviews I have here then to post it up on tumblr.

You can join it, get everyone to join if you want. I don't really care. I'm just going to drop stories here for me to review to post it up on my tumblr and to the group tumblr page.

My Tumblr Review Page >>>> Link

Group Tumblr Review Page >>>> Link

If you want to join the group tumblr review page, just PM me and hand me your email, so that I could add you.

If you also do original fiction and would like me to review it, PM me and I'll give it a review. :) I also have a tumblr for reviewing original fiction, but I would link that one here. <:)

You can put any and all of your stories into the folders. I've created folder for each of the categories so put them into the correct folders please.

Also, if you're also an editor, proofreader, and/or reviewer. I would like to invite you to my Editor/prereader/proofreader/reviewer utopia. >>> LINK

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I am considering posting a few stories, just for the fun.

I would love to see a list of rules/recomendations for this group and where to place the respective stories.

Actually, I haven't read it yet. I should probably hold it until that's done. I have no idea how good it is.

363434 Oh um let me make a folder for that. Put it under Monthly Reviews

Like, recommendations for review? I might do that.

If you still want a long story per month, I might have one right now.

363428 You could add stories that you want to their correct folders <:3

Yeah, I know. Just felt like asking, really. Can't do much with admin status.

363426 Your welcome. :3 But I'm doing really is waiting for stories to fill the folders so that I could start reading it O.o

Yay! I'm happy now. Thanks, Uni! *hugs*

363422 Admin for what? O.o Then again all I'm doing is reviewing whatever story I see in the folders so I guess it wouldn't hurt.

I can haz admin? Uni plz.

  • Viewing 1 - 13 of 13
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