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Pinkie Pie loves to read everything! From awesome adventure stories, to snuggly romances, and even stories that make you cry, but that's okay, because everypony needs a good cry now and then!

And don't forget her favorite kind of stories.... comedy!

At Pinkie's Library, we accept all, because reading is super duper fun!

Oh, and P.S.: You can put as many stories as you want...just as long as it's in the right folder!


Those Kids In The Corner

Bluegrass Brooke

Thanks for stopping by!

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Ooh, I'm just like Twilight now! :pinkiehappy:

405387 Thanks for reminding me, I had forgotten to file a pink high here.
On that note, I am currently working on a story that should be highly relevant both here and on your sister group.
The story is supposed to be set at the EQG, after the films that are currently out.
Remains to see whereshe ends up going with this new idea. (too many forth walls to break, you know)

405384 Sure thing. And if you have any Equestria girls stories involving her, I also run the EQG Pinkie Pie group.

405383 Since you asked, are there any particular reason behind which folders are up on the group?
I found ancharacteristically many dark folders for a Pinkie Pie group.
Once you finally did open the folder, you may consider to have two subloders for the Sex and Gore tags respectively?
I imagine an Anthro folder would look good, and for a Pink group, a generally bubbly pink flder for her more enthusiastic stories?
Pinkie Pie loves her friends, so related folders connecting to them could be a good idea as well.

405382 Cool. Let me know if you have any more questions or concerns :twilightsmile:

405381 Thanks, now I can add all the Pink NSFW's.

405369 Okie doke, try it now :pinkiehappy:

405369 Okay. I'll take care of it as soon as I get to a laptop because I am on my phone :derpytongue2:

405367 You may have to change the settings to permit Members access to the foal-Deer?

I am eager to fill all the folders with as many of my stories as the group permits, though. No folder can be empty.

405365 That's strange, it's there for me

405359 I am still missing the green link to add a story on the folder.
The box/link is available on all the other categories, though.

405348 Sorry, are we talking of the same folder?
Or, is there an delay in the action?

405334 Fixed it, now you can.

402424 On a slightly related issue, why can't I post a story on the NSFW folder?
Pinkie Pie is known to go out on a limb, or just cut it short, when she isn't all hot and excited.

402075 Alright. What should it be labeled if you want the folder?

I just added one story; about Pinkie Pie, of course, who else?
If this goes well, I have a request, I may need a private section; just like Star Swirl in the Royal Library.
Jokes aside, there are numerous stories to file, once I get to posting them here.

Ps: the first story hit; Human.

  • Viewing 1 - 17 of 17
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