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Hi! Welcome to this group! Before you join, please read all rules and comment on yur opinion. Once I read your comment, it will be deleted. Thank you!

1) Whatever stories you put in a folder must be related mainly to the genre in the title of the folder.

2) The folders with two or three genres will be split into subfolders, so post stories in the subfolders.

3) Only put Sex rated stories in the Sex folder.

4) No incorrect grammar! All stories must have correct use of puncution, spelling, and wording.

5) No posting innapropriate comments on stories not in the Sex folder.

6) In all stories, Pinkie must be the main character.

7) if your story has two genres that aren't the same folder, put it in the folder it is mostly made up of.
EXAMPLE: If you have a Romance and Comedy story, but it is mosly the Romance, not the Comedy, put it in the folder most Romance.

Our Forum is always open!
Here is where you can find help on stories.

Here you can find coverart for stories

Here you can find editors

We have PinkieShy, PinkieDash, PinkieJack, TwiPie, and RariPie.
Another shipping is PinkieCord.
Here is the PinkieCord group.

THis is an all PINKIE group, so have fun and Welcome to the Group!!
Remember, its all Pinkie!

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