Pinkie Pie is best pony!!! <3 73 members · 80 stories

Do you like Pinkie pie? Do you think she's the best pony? Do you like randomness? Then this is the perfect group for YOU!

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I'm just gonna spam you guys with Ponka, if that's alright with y'all.

308593 Good, there should be room for a few more.
I don't enjoy too much of a Monopoly on new stories, though.
315669 Yeah, she sure is the greatest Pony.
I love exploring all her potential to the fullest, which you could see f you venture into any of these stories.

380170 Isn't that why we all are here, for the love of our pink mare?

Talking of Pinkie Pie, where do we start?

She by far is one of my favorite characters.

352624 Pinkie Pie, who could not love her?
Although she has several less then commonly recogniced sides?

Is there anyone around. I want someone to talk to about Pinkie Pie. :pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile:

hey greenblaze! it's me! you know (youtube Mr Mewtwo) from school! anyhow i hope you get this

Heya! I threw some of my stories with Pinkie Pie in them into your folder. I hope you enjoy them! :pinkiehappy:

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