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Ave Gloriosa Nomine de Pinkie Pie.

This group is dedicated to the users and stories that hail the Glorious Name of Pinkie Pie (like our Latin creedo states.) Anyone who wishes to join must wish to put a smile on other's faces, love to not merely party but par-tay!, and have a sense of humor.

Any stories posted to this group must have Pinkie Pie as a main character tag. That's about it, actually.

Quae cum pistoria, pascuntur. Eius pinkie sensus protecti sumus. In risus salvi facti sumus.

Ask about having us bless some Holy Punch or, for an extreme party emergency, contact us about hiring our party-pooper exorcists!

Disclaimer: We value fun, parties, our Glorious Party Planner, and making others smile here at the Church of Pinkie Pie. If you come here and do not like any of these things, we will find you...and we will make you our friends.

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If it is merely required with one Pinkie Pie as main character,
how about multiple Pinkie Pie as Mane characters?

Aw, I guess I am bound to send my Pink-ness over here, by the looks?

Pinkie Pie is a manifestation of God, and may be Equestria's Christ-figure. She's pure, she's funny, she's smart, she's weird, she's all-powerful, and she rarely makes sense until the last minute, when everything makes perfect sense!

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