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Are the characters in my stories in character? · 7:29am 9 hours ago

Are the characters in my stories in character? At the very least, semi in character? I would like to see your perspective on it.

I personally try to avoid to some degree making characters out of character, even somewhat in a semi-trollfic. They have morals, character traits, and would never do certain things unless under a fight or flight situation. If I were to make a character suddenly evil/good, I would try to explain as to why it happened if I were to do it.

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I'll consider it.

ayo bendy

think you can add me to this group's admin team

I know you're not, just giving a good note lol

No prob 😎

I am not upset. But thanks for the post.

Just been in a "make others happy" mood.

Feels nice. :twilightsmile:

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