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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.


Are Grimdark Stories Dumb If Based Off FIM? · 11:47am Sunday

Are grimdark stories dumb if based off MLP FIM? The show about magic cartoon horses. Can you take something that's a grimdark story seriously if based off MLP FIM?

Grimdark, as in gritty, dark or violent and whatever. Other themes may include war, post apocalyptic stuff, horror.

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I say the whole world must learn of our peaceful ways... by force!

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Thanks for the watch! :D

Just reading the titles of your stories is making me laugh. :rainbowwild:

Hi, I saw you were friends with TK-JAY, formerly known as Jay the Stormtrooper, so I was hoping you could help me. I can’t find him on this website, or any of his stories. It’s like his account has been deactivated, and it was just fine two weeks ago. Do you know if something may have happened to him?

  • Viewing 375 - 379 of 379
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