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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.


A story based on this image would be nice · 8:44am March 24th

I think it would be quite cute. Art by icey.

derpibooru link: https://derpibooru.org/images/3327595

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Bender Is Best Pony

I say the whole world must learn of our peaceful ways... by force!

My Discord: Bendy#6695

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You're my one hundred and eleventy-th follower!

Thanks for the add big bro! 🙌🏽 hope you enjoy my shitty way of clowning on our country

Good God you write a lot of pony smut

Thanks for another add, I'm glad you like it.

Thanks for the add to your human romance folder....and good news, I'm working on another one right now....not a sequel though, it doesn't involve Starlight.

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