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This is my Fimfic House! Fimfiction now has a Fimfic House module for every user page! You can upgrade your house with points gained from writing stories, getting upvotes and leaving nice constructive comments on stories.

Here is what my house cost so far. I am saving up points for a cat.

Horrible Metal Chair: 5 points
Hat stand: 25 points
Tasteful picture: 40 points
Table: 80 points
Bed: 300 points
Comfy Chair: 500 points
Drawers: 800 points
Flatscreen TV: 1,000 points
Desk Lamp: 2,500 points
Pillow: 6,000 points
Toilet: 8,000 points
Gold Chandelier: 150,000 points

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Pony Is X

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Wacky Comedy

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Was told twice to blame you, so: BLAME!!!!!!11111one

Author Interviewer

Hey did you ever'd see this?

Blue teach me how to be a rock lord

*slams fists on table* WRITE MORE THINGS! RDP brought me here, and I just read through half your fics all day, and I need more! You're so spot on with pacing, characterization, and dialogue, I can't deal.
PS: Ever thought of doing Mentally Abridged fic? Your style would work perfectly with those characters.


thats a lot of readers all at once! And it was even higher an hour ago when I arrived to read it!

  • Viewing 237 - 241 of 241
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Pinkie's Saucy Chocolate Chaos Crisis · 7:11pm April 1st

I wrote Seth a poem for Eqd. I hope you enjoy it, probably the best you'll get out of me for a while! ;)


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