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This is my Fimfic House! Fimfiction now has a Fimfic House module for every user page! You can upgrade your house with points gained from writing stories, getting upvotes and leaving nice constructive comments on stories.

Here is what my house cost so far. I am saving up points for a cat.

Horrible Metal Chair: 5 points
Hat stand: 25 points
Tasteful picture: 40 points
Table: 80 points
Bed: 300 points
Comfy Chair: 500 points
Drawers: 800 points
Flatscreen TV: 1,000 points
Desk Lamp: 2,500 points
Pillow: 6,000 points
Toilet: 8,000 points
Gold Chandelier: 150,000 points

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Hi there, I had read your work and I loved it. l want to show more people your awesome work, so I wanted to translate your story about The Star In Yellow into Chinese. I'll definitely post the original website of your story where I publish the translation, and also I'll indicate your ID there. If you agree, I shall be very grateful!

Was told twice to blame you, so: BLAME!!!!!!11111one

Author Interviewer

Hey did you ever'd see this?

Blue teach me how to be a rock lord

*slams fists on table* WRITE MORE THINGS! RDP brought me here, and I just read through half your fics all day, and I need more! You're so spot on with pacing, characterization, and dialogue, I can't deal.
PS: Ever thought of doing Mentally Abridged fic? Your style would work perfectly with those characters.

  • Viewing 237 - 241 of 241
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Fixed Choose Your Own Adventure: Brony Hero of Equestria · 6:07pm September 20th

Okay, apparently at some point Knighty changed how all the links on the site worked, which broke my Choose Your Own Adventure story.

Fixed it! Let me know if I missed any links!


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