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It's like trying to catch a shiny Feebas, mang! Email me for anything. I'd write one of those long bio things but I doubt you're interested.

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290759 Cool. It's a general thing, by now, for me. I just kind of do it. Female or male I don't do, age is easy enough for my method, and I just build it like a wall - every brick you put down gives room for another brick using that for support.

142500 hey, that's a similar ability to me, through looking at someone's writing i can tell the gender and age of the writer, i had only found that out through fimfiction and the many different and tallented writers.:pinkiehappy:

142500 how bout you do me? i know that you've gotten used to my personality, but using anything you can see from my page here on fimfiction and on dA, you should try your psychic skills on me.

I used to do a little something like this, but in a different way.

145220 getawayfromyourdad. You hear what he said about "you've been picked on a lot, or get in a lot of arguments, sometimes leading to physical violence"? Where on earth could that have come from?

Thanks very much for watching me! :raritystarry:

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