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I have a confession to make... · 8:19am Apr 11th, 2015

I'm actually...not...DEAD, per se.

PHEW! Am I glad I got that off my chest!

That being said, I got a few nice private messages after that blog post, and it was really great to read after a long, exhausting day. I want to say thanks, again, to the people who messaged me!

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Comment posted by Fishfingers-and-custard deleted Apr 13th, 2018

Do you have any plans to finish "Quickies" or to write any new stories? Just wondering.

I LOVED the 'stuck' story by you. Though it made me blush so hard, I had a nose bleed.:rainbowderp:

1448617 Heh, sorry! I work like crazy, nowadays. Also dabbling in writing non-fanfiction things right now. Makes me miss pony writing so much! Maybe if it's successful, more pony stuff will be on the way! I have so many unfinished pieces...

But yeah, I'm not dead, just super busy with life. :fluttercry:

Still gone?

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