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Thoughts on trauma, and the acceptance thereof · 7:07am Jun 19th, 2021

It's been a while since I've actually... written anything like this, so I hope you can forgive in advance. This is going to be rambly.

So... at this time, as I type this, it's just shy of midnight. An hour and a half from now, it'll be two months exactly from when the fire broke out at my old apartment complex. I'm still glad I got out, don't get me wrong. But Darkness, do I have regrets.

Trauma's a bitch that way, you see.

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Thank you for the fave on my story, Mayor!

Thanks for the fave.

Thank you for following me, Noble Cause

Thanks a bunch! Please be sure to leave a comment on my stories. I appreciate all feedback! :raritystarry:

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