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Signal boost! · 9:21pm March 14th

Lately, a dear buddy of mine has been streaming Fallout 4 with mods! Jake the Army Guy is getting his face blown off by supermutants half the time, but I'm sure he'll be just fine... just needs more stimpaks!

Here's his blogpost! come watch! https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/721738/streaming-fallout-4-for-real-this-time

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Thanks for the follow

2409115 Prefer not to say, eh? Okay, then. I'd say that you could answer that particular question, when you're ready. But, you've made it very clear to me that it's one you wish to keep to yourself.

Although, I should let you know that I meant no harm when I originally asked it. I certainly didn't mean to have you feeling uncomfortable, that's the last thing I want whenever I'm around someone new.

I'm not someone that you should feel threatened by. I haven't been sent by the government or some shadowy organization with the intent to do hurt you or extort you, in some way. I'm also not one of THOSE kinds of people that you've heard of lurking about the Internet.

My only interest is in meeting new people (and possibly making new friends along the way). No ulterior motive, needed or wanted. Nothing more, nothing less.

That said, new question: Besides FiM, are there any other forms of entertainment (i,e., music, films, TV shows, books, etc.) that you enjoy?

If so, what are your favorites in those forms of entertainment?


That's substantially more personal, and something I'd prefer not to answer, as it makes me more than a little uncomfortable.

2408874 Wow. Though I've been with FiM since its debut in 2010, I have to say that you're lucky. What would you say has been the happiest moments in your life, thus far, if I may ask?

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