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Time to sharpen the ol' resume... · 8:09pm Apr 25th, 2014

So when my boss's boss asked me to come to an unscheduled meeting in a few minutes, in a conference room near the front door, I saw the writing on the wall and prudently emailed myself a zipped up copy of the notes I'd been taking for the past year.

Turns out that after having decided I was a good fit for the company after a three month contract period, then nine months more as full time, suddenly I'm "not a good fit" because apparently I "don't take enough initiative in problem-solving".

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Jennifer and I are trying to get in touch with you. We left you a message on Skype. Your soft-sculpture of you Fursona Avatar is done, and is awaiting your viewing. We need your info so that we can ship him to you. *HUG* Aedina (AKA Eldenath)

Write somethin', you.

Thanks for the fav on Friendship is Madgic! :twilightsmile:


And thank you for the re-watch! I'm sure your name will be fine though. :pinkiehappy:

Thanks! And thanks for watching! I always see people in the furry fandom changing their species, and always believed myself more stable than that, so when I initially created the character, I specifically had transforming-fox powers so I could try on different (giant) hats, as it were.
The backstory I came up with, which will probably never see full writing out into fanfic, includes me taken by surprise in my new disguise, and stuttering out my name in a way that just happens to make a halfway-decent pony name. XD
Though, I have noticed that it tends to be earth ponies with food-related names, so it still might raise a few eyebrows...:twilightblush:

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