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Twilight Sparkle discovers the human science of advertising. Being Twilight, she can't help but propose a new ad campaign to Princesses Celestia and Luna promoting the Conversion Bureaus. And being Twilight, neither can she resist pulling the mane six into this little project, and then taking things a bit too far.
As usual, Princess Celestia takes all of this in stride, knowing she can cope with anything Twilight dreams up. Or can she?

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Needs an editing run, but it looks like the finished product will be... appreciably better than Twilight's entry.

'Springtime for Newfoals in Equestria'.

I've got to tell the RADWICKINS about this! This could go big all over Equestria!


Yes, I published this unedited because I wanted to get the contest going. Edit suggestion will be most gratefully received.

‘Springtime for Newfoals in Equestria
Pony land is happy and gay
Marching a quadrupedal pace
Here comes the winter wrap-up race.’

Oh. My. God. :rainbowlaugh:

“Oh, I was able to pick up the rights to it for a song.”



Did an edit run. Hope it's better now. But I will still do a proper edit with my editors after the contest closes and I have a bit more time.

Think they'll make Mel an alicorn for revenge?
(601 years later...) "Nopony likes the thousand year pony jokes anymore since everypony who hoid it tha first time are all dust... This was meshugana of ya, celly..."


"Now Mel, you know as well as I do that true humour never gets old" replied The Princess of the Day.

"No, first it goes stale. And then it just stinks. Like cheese," said the impresario.

"That was your humour, Mel? I just thought it was your breath."

Mel's jaw drops open.

"Gotcha!" Says the princess.

MIMES! They rank up there with clowns on the evil scale.

Petal Chatoyance arrives. *Trots into view. Stands for a moment. Lifts right hoof and smacks it into face doing the OTHER Picard Maneuver. Shakes head slowly. Lowers hoof to ground and raises head. Stares for a while. Suddenly lifts hoof, bending foreleg at a right angle to form an 'L' shape. Jabs hoof upward slightly in short, quick rises. Lowers hoof again. Shakes head once more. Turns around so that tail is visible.*

Petal Chatoyance leaves, silently, except for one single word. "Mimes..."

Excuse me, what was this chapter about? I kinda lost focus after you wrote about Pinkie Pie in leotards. :pinkiegasp:

2722629 and 2723129,

Although they are forsaken by all others, the mimes know this: that Pinkie Pie is their friend, and always shall be. Verily I say unto you, Pinkie is everypony's friend and always will be, for her standards are low. :coolphoto:


:ajbemused: Getcher mind outa the gutter there, cowboy! This is art! :pinkiehappy:

2723659 I get the Pinkie is everyone's friend, but that doesn't make mimes or clowns any less scary.

Also, YAY! 2723129 is back!


Aye to both of your statements!

Okay, candid opinion, as a reader and a writer.

Scale back the Applejack accent. Scale it way back. It's way too thick to the point where it's troubling to read. We already know what Applejack sounds like, so this is just Flanderization.


I was wondering about that. Thanks for the comment - southern accent dialed back from 10 to 6 or 7.

(Although I love the way it sounds!:pinkiesad2:

This was jus' rightly hilarious, and ah' got a big 'ol kick outta it!

Manifestly exquisite, darling. I would adore seeing this animated!

Hilarious. From what I hear, it's not the first time ol' Mel has failed to let someone in on the joke. Frankie Laine sang the theme to Blazing Saddles without knowing it was a comedy.

Wow. I never knew that song, other than as the Chips Ahoy jingle.


I really struggled trying to decide what the Bearer of the Element of Generosity would produce as an ad. Then my wife showed me a video on Toy and Wing: [youtube=www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEhYO4CqMtc]

And then it hit me: Rarity would definitely have been into dancing and would certainly be attracted to both the fashion and glamour of ballroom dancing. Swing was ballroom dancing with real energy. Then the chapter basically wrote itself!

You're bringing in Trixie? If only I could give this more than one thumb up. Also, Fluttershy's commercial was very good. It got to a core issue, and did its darnedest to cut through it in an assuring manner.


Thanks for positive reinforcement! :twilightblush:

I wanted each of the mane six to do a commercial that reflected their inner character not just their EoH. I kept Fluttershy for last because if there's anypony who can address fear and insecurity it's her!

This chapter was published after I closed the 'Ads of the Conversion Bureau' because I wanted it to be fully polished including a run by my editors. I'll polish up the other chapters over the next few weeks.

2723659 AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHAHAHAHAHA! :rainbowlaugh: By Celestia's beard, why has this garnered 8 dislikes already? For this line alone 'for her standards are low' the likes should have been doubled! Ok, gonna keep reading to see where this chariot wreck in progress takes me. Pity Spike isn't here. He would've set the drapes and carpet on fire by now from all the roflmao'ing he would be doing.


Thanks for sharing the laughs! Don't worry about the down votes - as a 'defender of TCB' I automatically get 6 or 7 down votes when I first post a story (yes, always!) I only care about the ones that leave a message to tell me why. Also, this was unedited because it was a contest entry, so perhaps it deserved a down vote or two for the initial draft.

Pity this had to come to an end. There's so much that could be done, so many places this could be taken. And since you just introduced Trixie at the end it would be a heart breaking travesty for you not to consider continuing these wonderful short stories. I loved all the ads the Main Six came up with, the addendum to Applejack's piece made me chortle, but I must confess, I loved Flutteshy's the best. She knocked it out of the park with her Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood theme.

Pony on My Friend, Pony On :eeyup:

This is glorious. Why didn't I know of this thing earlier...
You really ought to consider continuing on this! It's just too adorable.

No words except-brilliant:heart:

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