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Luna and Celestia call an emergency meeting with Twilight, and admit that there's more to tell about the birth of Flurry Heart than they've let on.

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Happy Independance Day, to you, Wolf, and all your compatriots!

Interesting, good hypothesis!


Also known as the Night With No Moon or the Weeks Without Sleep.

Wow, freaky. Also, that little rhyme tho, totally Twiliy XD

I sense a story-arc.


There's obviously potential fort it, but I wrote this as a one-off. I'm also considering doing a whole novel from Starswirl's PoV in the same style as the story within this story. Which would you prefer?

Interesting headcanon, although I'm not sure if you would call it that. A few minor mistakes, but nothing too jarring. Good job.

7364028 Whatever you think is good.

Any and all editing suggestions would be most gladly received! As to headcanon, there's been a "vigorous" debate on what the Celestial Princesses meant by their remark on Flurry Heart being born an Alicorn. Most likely anything as specific as the scenario I present here will end up labeled AU soon enough!

Rather interesting take on events. I'll admit might be something I should give some thought to in regards to my own headcanon. A True-Born Alicorn is bound to be different than an Ascended Alicorn

This sets a premise wherein Equestria's rulers would all become experts in self-care and build a deep wisdom and practice for mental health due to secretly very personal reasons but anyway the citizens surely benefit from the importance of friendship and social care in their princessdom!


Yes, it certainly doesn't leave much scope for meh: for Alicorns it's either friendship or freak-out!

Mind you, Twilight's own emotional history makes it sound like maybe she was simply destined to become a princess! :trixieshiftright:

Nice story and an interesting idea about Alicorns.

This story really was great, though.

Very interesting idea that could easily be the basis for a good story, but I'm afraid there doesn't seem to be any story here in itself - just a headcanon dump. Still, I'm glad I read it!

Celestia reclined in a slightly larger version of the same chair

She needs a big chair for that fat ass.

Then she saw the macaroni statue. Twilight’s grin faded and her eyes grew wide.

I bet that brings back a lot of painful memories for both of them, similar to the fuscilli Jerry statuette from Seinfeld.

the birth of an Alicorn is something that Equestria had never seen

The prophesy said a child born of alicorn and unicorn would bring about the End Times. All life would bow before her, and all life would end by it's hoof, why do you think Chrysalis interrupted the wedding?

“I don’t know if I’m more upset that you kept something important from me,

Arrogant little thing sin't she? Heaven forbid Twilight feels unimportant.

and thus did hie himself to the far north,


For it is an abomination that will bring the end of all.

We need you to be a true friend to Flurry Heart, as you are to me, my sister, and Cadence

But Flurry shattered the Crystal Heart before being a day old. Threatening to destroy everything, kill everyone, and she seemed happy about it. And oh my god! Those wings! That horn! Flurry has already gone past the point of no return, delaying the inevitable will only result in misery.

“Should knowledge of the Alicorn curse ever be leaked to the general public it could undermine the very foundations of Equestrian society.”

Wrong, it would undermine alicorn rule of Equestria.

I know I seem hard on Flurry, but she ruins the magic and mystique of being an alicorn, to think of it, ascending to alicornhood like Cadance and Twilight does that too, and we don't want to go through those storms again.
This is a fun little headcanon dump, but the Princesses seem intent on secrets and lies, which have never worked out for them before, and don't seem Luna's style either.


Thanks for all the feedback! Overall I agree with most of your points - except:

and thus did hie himself to the far north,

"hie"...is perfectly correct pre-classical Equestrian (Elizabethan English). I wrote this in the style of Starswirl having written it himself, and thus from the time period before Luna's banishment.

the Princesses seem intent on secrets and lies, which have never worked out for them before, and don't seem Luna's style either.

Celestia has certainly kept a lot of information from the general population throughout the series, and Twilight knows this, but Twilight (being the science nerd that she is) has a much higher sensitivity to being denied information, especially when it pertains to family. As to Luna, she may or may not agree with Celestia on information sharing with the populace. But you may have noticed that she was by far the more eager of the sisters to inform Twilight of the curse, so at least in this story I am leaning towards more rather than less disclosure.

7369715 I can see why you did those then.

7370903 You can still do it if you want. Just get a different video, or a parody of the song or something.

7373252 Exactly. It's NOT the same.

So alicorns are the legendary super saiyan. Nice. Now all we need is for Flurry to go buff and start ranting and screaming about how she didn't get her bottle while blowing up the world


That's bad. Cadence and Shining might treat Flurry Heart differently knowing she could turn out to be evil someday. But yeah. Great story!


But is it better that they know about it now so they can keep an eye out for it, even though a change in their behavior might just provoke the onset of the condition? Or is it better they stay oblivious and as Twilight put it "enjoy just being a happy family together", with Twilight and the other princesses playing the 'friendship cure' as diligently as possible?

7433426 I don't know. Perhaps it would be best if they knew rather than being oblivious when it happens but I dunno. Perhaps there is no right answer but only risks.


From experience (Dafaddah is de faddah of two - both now adults): that is how it is being a parent and being family. There often isn't a "right" or "wrong" answer, just a decision you have to make before the dice of fate will roll. Twilight is wagering the future of her niece AND of her relationships with Shining and Cadence (and her own parents, as Granny and Grandpa would no doubt have strong feelings about having been kept in the dark as well.)

7435402 Well alright. I'm not a parent so ok.


PS - Be careful out there. There are just tons of Pokémon Go fanatics combing every conceivable public space for Pokémon.

7436144 I know. I'm one of them. Thanks for the warning though.

I reviewed this story as part of Read It Later Reviews #57.

My review can be found here.


Thanks for the review and the feedback. This is a piece I wrote for a contest in a very short span of time and it shows. I got an idea that I just had to get out of my head, and it very obviously doesn't stand alone and should have been the first chapter of a much longer narrative. However I had already put it out for the contest I decided to publish it as is. I do hope to get back to it and tie up some of those loose ends in the future, as I have a lot more of this story already plotted out in my head, (if I ever get time to finish some of my other ongoing fics first.)

Um Twilight, who do you think thought Cadence 'Sunshine Sunshine'? I think Sun-butt did that


Wouldn't that be a blast! I can imagine a follow up scene where Luna complains privately to her sister about it afterwards, and her reaction to Celestia admitting she to being the ritual's originator! :rainbowlaugh:

7630760 And Celestia would in reply go "Moonbeam, Moonbeam."

"We aren't doing it."

"Moonbeam, Moonbeam."


Celestia give big puppy eyes and quivering lip, "Moonbeam, Moonbeam."

Luna grunts

Both singing as if they were fillies, "Moonbeam, moonbeam, Fireflies awake, clap your hooves and do a little shake"

7631021 feel free to use it

I regret putting this one off, but I'm glad I finally read it. Wonderful work with Twilight as the accidental savior of ponykind and of the world, a living countercurse by virtue of... well, virtue. I don't often find stories that celebrate the simple awesomeness of Purplesmart, but you pulled it off magnificently. Also, the Star Swirl excerpt was wonderfully atmospheric.

Thank you for this.

I’m glad you liked it! I’m thinking of doing more StarSwirl period pieces when I can find the time to do more creative writing.

I actually liked the thought of Discord having once been an alicorn, especially a born alicorn. And it certainly does seem plausible that an alicorn curse exists. They do have some crazy in them. Nightmare Moon, the possibility of Daybreaker, Midnight Sparkle, and evil Cadance, whose goal is to run around and make ponies she thinks look hot fall in love. Basically Shipper Cadance. :pinkiecrazy:

Shipper Cadence - now that’s some spooky stuff!

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