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I'm just a simple writer trying to improve my writing skills by writing fanfictions.

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Stories I'm working on

Long Stories
(50% Complete) Ninja Pikachu- Pikachu gets stuck in Equestria.
(0% Complete) Spirits Unbound- A sequel to The Price of Magic

Short Stories
(50% Complete) Nox Clara- A mare tries to change her world.
(25% Complete) Against Her Nature

Stories I have in mind
Heir to the Throne- Twilight meet Celestia and Luna's replacements

Stories on Hold
(25% Complete) Shifting Natures- an AU story about Sunset Shimmer and Trixie.



Good News · 12:49am 22 hours ago

I have the best news! In my free time between studying for finals and trying not to tank my classes, I have written a story. All it needs is some finishing touches from an editor when I find one and it'll be good to set go. I'm also starting another story from an idea I had (even though I'm very aware I have many stories like Ninja Pikachu that hasn't been updated in ages) and I think it's a great idea.

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Short Little About Me Section

Name: Raichu
Age: 19 or whatever Pokémon years equal to in human age.
Location: Nimbasa City, Unova
Likes: MLP, Pokémon, Video Games, TV shows, movies, writing for fimfiction
Dislikes: Lima Beans, annoying people, mean people and Pokemon
Things I do: Fight Pokémon battles

Runs the Romantic, Soft and Sweet Group.

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My pleasure. Anything for Soarin's wife~. :trollestia:

Hey thanks!

Saw these on the front page and thought you might like to know about them (assuming you didn't already).

ELittle Lost Raichu
Devoid of memories and found in the Everfree Forest, little Raichu is nursed back to health by Twilight and her friends. Little do they know about the importance of her past and how far she’ll go to repay their kindness.
CommanderX5 · 141k words  ·  407  15 · 4.1k views
ERaichu for Hire
Twilight and Starlight provided her with a home and food while showering her with kindness and friendship. Determined to repay them, Raichu takes on various jobs, using her skills and survivability to face tasks too dangerous for common ponies.
CommanderX5 · 54k words  ·  114  5 · 666 views

Thanks for the fav!

You want 20 words or less? You want me to make my argument even shorter than your non-arguments? Challenge accepted.

You said...
>I'm even trying to debate. I don't care about your opinion.

I repeat...
>I'm even trying to debate.
>I don't care about your opinion.

There's your problem.

You can't learn if you don't listen. You see my argument as an attack on you because you're wrong. Stop being wrong.

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