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This is the group where all Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fics go!!!

Why, of course there is gonna be a ton spoilers for the new game in the forums. Venture over if you dare~!

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Hey can I get some help on a fic


Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky is best game.

u liked the series a lot

400882 *hands out tissues* There, there

Such a good game! Definitely brings back a lot of memories. Primal be chompin', Palkia be stompin', dat foo Darkrai be stalkin', ain't no way yo losin' dis fight!

I cri evry tyme.

Awe man, it's been ages since I played one of these games!

378096 I love ya, Manaphy. X3

I still love this series.

One! Don't shirk work!
Two! Run away and pay!
Three! Smiles go for miles!

377964 'cause reasons


Why must you remind me of the feels :raritydespair:

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