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A group for Stories dealing with the creatures known as 'Satyrs'. A Half-human, half other creature hybrid. They typically have the top half of themselves as human and the lower half as the other creature.
Human-pony Hybrid:

Human-Griffon Hybrid:

Stories have have them be called Satyrs or they can be given a different name, so long as the core concept for them is the same.

One folder is for stories that are focused on these creatures. One is for stories that have satyrs appear in the story it but the story isn't focused on them. The last one is for other types of creatures created that don't fall under the Satyr style, such as Centaurs.

Having Humans/ponies turned into Satyrs moved to Other folder.

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Nothing going on in this group! (*Sound of crickets chirping*)


383384 "Once you pop, you can't stop"
With my track record, that may be a flood of stories coming this way.

We'd welcome any stories you have that involve satyrs in some way. Be they stories focused on satyrs or stories that have a satyr character show up in one of the chapters.

I think I need to be here.
Some of my stories should fit right in as well.

And those are royal Satyrs too.:raritystarry:

Anything that shows off more satyr's in the banner is good in my book. you chose this one instead, eh?:ajsmug:

I would really like to see some Gryphon hybrid stories.

Look how cute she is!:rainbowkiss:
So dedicated to fitness

Smiles was here! :rainbowkiss:

While I find Satyrs a odd concept to say the least, I have to admit, the banner is just adorable.

This is awesome!!! It really does suck that there are not many saytr based fics. I've read Hope, the fic with fluttershy's saytr and the one with derpy's saytr, all were good. I guess what draws me in is just the struggle between the saytr character and the anon parent in a world of ponies(or gryphon's) that don't quite understand them. Its a cool concept that I wish other people would pick up if they gave it a chance. But still glad I found this group.

This sounds like an amazing group!!!!! never new we could do that but at first that was going to be my first story....

.....then im like YAEH!!!!!!:flutterrage:

Endorse good group, attempt more art, more satyr. More, fucking, adorable, jackasses!:ajbemused:

And here I was thinking the satyr threads disappeared and that was the end of it. Hopefully more will arrive, what with Hat's endorsement.

Also: suddenly 107+ members, and on the Trending Groups.! :pinkiegasp:

Didn't think that would be happening for a while, if at all.

Guess there's more love/like for the Satyrs than I thought.

One of these days I'll have finally finished that Bat Pony Satyr story I've been trying to work on....

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