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You ever hear the phrase "Ponify all the things"? Course you have. Well, That's what this group is all about! In Product Ponies, every item, be it Food, Software, Hardware, or... anything, really. You can imagine is done as a pony! This (unfortunately) includes the store-brand crap. Got an idea or a suggestion? Let us know!

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proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


if we are to retro enginere everything, are there 'Humn' dolls too ??

Blue pill ponies!!!!!

I find myself strangely attracted to this idea...:trixieshiftright:


Hail ya.

Sir Hat made this group?

Insta join!

370286 it's just a really potent blend. :rainbowlaugh: but yeah, bet he-or she-would. And... o-o due to all the different color monster cans there would be many monster ponies. :pinkiegasp:

370285 He'd probably drool the drink out his mouth a lot.:rainbowlaugh:

370282 so want to draw that. X3 monster pone would be metallic. Unless its the pone of the super concentrated monster, which is a glass bottle.

370281 There is fizzy lemonade:

But yeah, energy drinks might fizz too...:duck:

370280 energy drinks miiiight fizz... And lemonade doesn't fizz though. o-o

370277 No, just fizzy stuff.

370265 Coffee and energy drinks. XD

370264 Look, I came up with the name thinking 'What if Fizzy drank something else?'. I figure if Fizzy drank lemonade, she had a lighter tint until she was filled with lemonade, and then has a clear look.
Orange Pop: Changes to orange. (DUH)
Grape: Purple.
Creme Soda: Green.
Stuff like that!:pinkiesmile:

369930 Really? I'd call her Fizzy pop. Seems more open to her having different liquids on a rare occasion! :derpytongue2:

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