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this is the group dedicated to browser ponies

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I'm starting a new Browser Ponies group, because it looks like this group isn't being maintained:

Most of the fanfiction here has nothing to do with Browser Ponies. There's no activity in this group. And the message on the group's homepage doesn't even use capital letters.

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


Browser poni should poni poni and stop looking at my porn tabs.

How did this whole Browser pony thing start?

Is it wrong that I browser pony clopfics? Like between their owner (anon) and them selves. I got done reading a story like that and I liked it but I feel like there's not enough browser pony stories in general... Someone needs to jump on this and make a never ending story of an anon who grows in a relationship with a browser and soon gets more browsers and yea :duck:

So long as Internet Explorer and Safari get picked on and teased by the others. I'm in.:moustache:

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