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I love the MLP fandom, and I love all of you! I'm so grateful to have all my followers as we go down a rabbit hole of romance, adventure, and world-building!


Trials of a Necromantic Equestria is back! · 11:49pm Apr 28th, 2021

Yup, that's right! From now on, I will be working solely on this reboot of an old classic on my channel here. There will be reboots and side stories galore, further exploring the world of Trials. There will be many differences from the original, and I apologize in advance if things you enjoyed from it were cut. I will not be taking the original down.

If you have suggestions, I would love to hear them, and I am in the market for cover art and the like, if you feel the urge.

Thank you all!


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No problem at all! Silver Glow's Journal had me crying like a baby. XD

Thanks for the follow!

Oh, I know all about pony urges... :trollestia:

I'm just happy knowing that I don't have to add you to the MIA list, it's grown rather long as of late. :pinkiesad2:

Best wishes and happy trails ~Dollars

Surviving! Trying to get back into the writing bug, you know how it is. Equestria at War has been soothing the pony urge.

Just happened to be passing through and thought I'd stop by and check in on a few authors and ruffians I keep track of around here, you good? :moustache:


  • Viewing 111 - 115 of 115
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