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812693 No problem! :pinkiehappy: I'm glad to give a personal greeting! /)

Of course there are also those that like to remove the lower blocks and make it harder for others.

I'm not even trying to come up with something clever, I'm just saying no body like played Jenga with me.:rainbowlaugh:

Jokes aside though, thanks. It's nice to get a personal greeting /)

Welcome to the group! I hope you enjoy your stay, and remember: Life is like a game of Jenga. The blocks on the bottom (the past) are the most important, but everyone worries about the blocks on the top (The future). :twilightsmile:
Also, I'm glad your feeling better? :yay:

Thanks/) I really appreciate having someone ask me that. Actually I'm really busy lately, and with my internet being down for nearly a week it has been rough. Luckily things are clearing up and I should be back to writing and with the general community soon.

Again, thanks for the check-up, it was a really pleasant surprise /)

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