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I love the MLP fandom, and I love all of you! I'm so grateful to have all my followers as we go down a rabbit hole of romance, adventure, and world-building!


Vinyl Scratch's entire world, and self-respect and confidence, are shattered after she is raped in Canterlot. Saved by Octavia Philharmonica, the two mares struggle to make it through the pain of life with the memories of the past.

Set in a close-to-modern Equestria, in the same storyline and universe as Rekindling. Both stories will be entwined.

P.S. Wow! I certainly was not expecting such a big response in such a short time to this story, but I am immensely grateful! This is giving me a lot of motivation to keep on going.

If anyone would like to edit, or give ideas for the story, feel free to PM me at any time!

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 134 )

This is... I really don't know what to say about this. You're tackling some pretty harsh subject matter, so be prepared to get your fair share of dislike for this story. I'm giving you a thumbs-up though, for even trying to write a story like this.

Her name is actually Octavia Melody. Just sayin'.

depends on the source. she's been named both ways in various media materials.

I know. It is a very harsh subject, but one I feel can lead to a very deep, meaningful story.

And the last name seems to very. I have seen both Melody and Philharmonica, and... well, you can see which I prefer. :pinkiehappy:

Thank you both for the comments! It will be a tough story, but... I intend to do my best!

Please continue. It's about time someone decided to test the limits.

A few comments:
-you are handling a very delicate issue very well, and for that, you get a like and a fav
-grammar and spelling seem good, which should seem obvious, but far too many good story ideas are ruined by atrocious grammar
-if you turn this into a ship fic, which it seems to be, the ship seems to be very...sudden. very fast. Although maybe that's just my perspective. I can't see Octavia being this open this quick in terms of a phsyical friendship. I'd be nice, probably even take vinyl in, but the ship seems to be moving a little fast.

Those are all just me though, by all means you are definitely doing a good job with this so I look forward to what happens next!

Another fave for me :yay:.

Well, might as well make myself comfortable.

Wow, I did not expect this kind of response so quickly! But I am very excited to see it! :pinkiehappy: Thank you everyone! I will certainly continue this story!

I am open to any suggestions anyone has, though I do not promise that they will be included.

And please, I love constructive criticism! :twilightsmile:

Please come with the next chapter soon!

Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!!! I don't know if I can wait for the next chapter! *squeee*

Please try and write in paragraphs and great story mate I rly like it

I agree on everything you said. The physical aspect makes sense because generally rape victims need something to turn to, though they also have a good chance of pushing everybody away. In this story, vinyl needs some sort of comfort, (which the need was made clear in the hospital through her fears of being hunted), and she, understandably, can only feel comfortable with another mare. Even if it's just barely, octavia has made the connection, primarily because she's the one who saved her.

I have yet to read the story (I will though), but I have read the description. Isn't Octavia's name Octavia Melody? Sorry, but the name change just caught my eye.

You are either writing these insanely fast, or you had them written ahead of time. Good fic so far by the way. ;)

I write best as I go. ^____^ They'll slow down as I have to go back and re-read in order to keep my brain up to date, but I don't want to make people wait weeks and weeks for updates. :twilightsmile:

I'm so confused where they are


Hard Trot Cafe is a play on Hard Rock Cafe. Great restaurant. I thoroughly enjoyed my time when I went to the one in NYC.

4279138 oh so they are in new York I thought it was ponyville


Well, Manehatten. Ponyville is next on their trip, though!

4279165 OK then god the pony puns though

What!? Must read the next part!

Oh god damnit....
I was gonna say im liking this story. Just wish there was a bit more to it. The process of her recovering and coping on a daily basis, as well as the interaction of all of them as she is going though it.
Sad to say it suddenly seems a bit rushed.

Just when it looked like Vinyl was recovering somewhat... (finally found a sentence she didn't stutter in). I really didn't think they would come after her though, where's unicorn magic when you need it?

So long Crimson Storm, you will not be missed.


4287986 a wise prayer will recite this to there enermys they are also wise words from the almighty red and blu soldiers

I hope octavia and vynl are okay.

Dayum. Well that escalated quickly

I'm barely restraining my extremely loud voice.

:fluttercry: whhhhhyyyyyyyyy

Next chapter will be up tonight! :pinkiehappy:

The versus song indeed, loved in for the kill. Really liked the concert part, such feels! Tavi will recover soon hopefully... Another great chapter. :)

4278034 Most people call her Octavia Philharmonica.

So many feels, I died. Metaphorically of course.

I`ve been reading this since the beginning and I have to say, you are writing upon the base of a very sensitive part. Rape is really, life damaging. But, you have been and probably continue to show that you can write touchy material content like this.

I have faith in you, my dear sir/madam.

Oh yeah, is your avatar "Homage" from Fallout: Equestria?


Yep! I adored that character, and that book. Kkat is simply amazing.

4340444 Who doesn`t like Kkat?

I guess you learn something new every day. I really don't mind, but I will be sticking to Melody.

This story is so good! Perhaps a budding romance between the two in the next chapter or two?

Oh my gosh I have been waiting for this. I love the way you can take such a tragic accident and make it so real and touching and loving. It just amazes me to no end how well you are able to weave the story in just the purrfect way to tug at the heartstrings (heh see what I did there) :pinkiesmile:

4285124 While the story does have a slightly quick pace to it it is very much still enjoyable.
But I do agree it could use a bit more coverage on the recover and daily life stuff. Still a good read though! :rainbowkiss:

Well shit. I didnt see that coming! :rainbowderp:

It's not that I don't enjoy listening to ponies argue with themselves, but... For goodness' sake, Tavi- have the sense to know when you're beat and tell her already! No, that would be too rushed. It's a great story, and I look forward to more updates!

Her mane, bedraggled and fluffed from her flip-flopping sleep, glowed like plasma, and her white mane shone radiantly

white coat.

I am liking this story. Keep it up man! :twilightsmile:

I can't wait to see how Vinyl takes to Ponyville. I can just see her gaining some fans in the CMC.

Omg I can't wait for more XD LOVE IT

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