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For stories which depict a "first contact" scenario between ponies and humanity, or ponies and any other alien species.

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farscape anyone?

My new story, Uncertain Stars, is a first-contact story.

I hate nasa and your newest addition still hit me in the feels.


I'm writing a first contact/war thriller involving a group of human refugees falling under attack by Equestrian political dissidents. Stay tuned...

Do humanized stories count in this group? Like a story where a human discovers another human world. also it's a crossover

I am working on this story where humans and ponies come together and 1 human is protecting the ponies and the others want there planet and a big war happens .:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

( srry if i gave something away)

Any way tell me anything if you like the story and if you have any suggestion i will be happy to hear them. :ajsmug:

My story is sort of a first contact. I hope it counts.

Its a starcraft cross over about the ponies making contact with humans and protoss. Except by the time the ponies get to them, the two races are long extinct. But they are still finding all sorts of artifacts left over from their civilization, ranging from extremely destructive weapons, to simple things like books and movies, all which had a huge impact in destabilizing pony culture.

I'd like to give a shout out to Benn55555 for bringing me here.

Welcome, fellow travelers! Whether you come via slipspace or warp drive, mass relay, stargate, or simply on a generation ship at sublight speed, all are welcome. You might not know the language, and some things might freak you out, but remember that friendship is the strongest force in the universe.

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