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  • 51 weeks
    The Day The Sky Fell

    I got inspired from a very vivid and strange dream, and ended up writing The Day The Sky Fell.

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  • 53 weeks
    New Story!

    My first FiMFiction story, Uncertain Stars, is now up - or at least the first chapter. All feedback welcome!

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  • 55 weeks
    A story is coming!

    I've started working on my first story. It will be a Human in Equestria type, but I am looking to subvert or break with most of the usual tropes and normals found in these types. The first chapter will have almost no pony in it at all; the human is going to get plenty of time before we get him to Equestria.

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  • 60 weeks
    The Kaledoscope thing is a terrible idea

    Different stories all with the same name and picture? How could that possibly go wrong?

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  • 66 weeks
    The Alternative S9 Finale

    I don't blog on here but I felt compelled to post this up for anyone who actually is reading.

    I felt that one of the weakest parts of the two-part finale was Discord. He lied all season and caused the return of three major villains. His actions directly contributed to Twilight's crisis of faith. He gets off with essentially a scolding. It's not even *mentioned* after the Mane 6 get lose again from the dungeon.

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The Day The Sky Fell · 2:12am Feb 1st, 2020

I got inspired from a very vivid and strange dream, and ended up writing The Day The Sky Fell.

Report ibanix · 51 views · Story: The Day The Sky Fell · #story #oneshot #tragedy
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I really enjoyed it!

Thank you very much for the fave on A Night (to Try) to Remember! :yay:

Awesome! I hope you enjoy them when you do. :twilightsmile:

You were followed by other authors I respect. I'll soon get to reading your stories!

Hey there, and thanks for the follow! Can I ask how I earned it?

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