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This story is a sequel to Forgotten: The Frozen North

This story is a sequel to What A Long Strange Trip (Ending 2)

Sunset Shimmer returns to Equestria only to discover everypony she knew is now ancient history.

Cover art: G5 Sunset by mira.veike@derpibooru.org

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"Oh, I had a phone for years. I've just never seen one in Equestria. That was one of the many things I left behind when I crossed back over. Who's to say it would even work over here." Sunset replied.

Well at least Sunset doesn't have to leave her phone behind this time

So what do you do when you discover a unicorn that has been away for untold centuries?
Easy; give her internet access.

Naturally. :trollestia:

"Nonsense, Sunset. I can tell you're in an unfamiliar, stressful situation. I'm sure you're as eager as Sunny to learn about what has happened between your era and ours, and while you do that, there's no better way to get familiar with our era than with a smartphone! Besides, if you're already familiar with one, I can't imagine a better way to spend the ride down to Maretime Bay."

Wow that's actually pretty generous of you pipp nice she can be the element of generosity :raritywink:

as far as suggestions go, Sunny has to be bursting with questions to ask Sunset. I'd suggest you tackle some of them next chapter, as we are both eager to see what you come up with next! xD

one thought i have had during the whole of gen 5 is what is the international situation like? dragons tend to live a long time, is Ember still dragonlord? is spike and smoulder still alive? what about the hippogriffs and changelings? the griffons and yaks? what about saddle Arabia, zebrica, and the other nations?

(and an idea i had a thought of is the Griffon Kingdoms got their act together during Twilight's reign and finally caught up with Equestria before magic disappeared. Besides the crystal empire, perhaps a modern day Griffonia has one of the most well kept libraries in the world at this point and has been able to preserve several books involving pony history.)

Ok this is an interesting start so far so they left off where Sunset Shimmer is in Equestria but in the more modern year so Sunny offer her to help and there were about to head back to Maretime Bay but Pipp had another idea once they got down pipp took sunset a phone store and buying her a phone which that is pretty awesome of her to do that for Sunset even though they only met each other for a few minutes ago so I wonder what the other three will react to her and I wonder how she will react to the new world of Equestria I guess we'll find out next time

VERY good job on this prologue chapter. Excellent work on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in all the right places. Definitely appreciated how Sunset was more properly introduced to Zipp and Pipp as well as Sunset admitting she DID used to have a smart phone, but it was one of many things she left behind in the human world. Also liked Sunny correctly guessing that older Equestria tended to associate "Queen" with "evil" (with the exception of Novo, which neither Sunset nor Sunny know about yet), which is why the highest ranked were "High Princesses". What I most enjoyed, though, was the fact that of all the things Sunset left in the human world, her pet lizard Ray wasn't one of them (definitely liked the thought of giving Sunset a pet like that and thought Ray should have been used A LOT more often, so that certainly helps here).

No real ideas, yet other than Sunset silently observing how Sunny's friends remind her so much of her old friends that it is almost certain that they are among the descendants of the Mane Six or maybe Sunset mentioning some of the things that her human friends have done since they all graduated from Canterlot High (for example, it's pretty easy to visualize human Twilight either becoming a world famous scientist or a teacher [your choice which one] or Human Rainbow making it big in professional soccer and other stuff that the others can think of) , but I'll definitely keep thinking and I'll definitely looking forward to more of this.

I suggest Sunset help the unicorns relearn their magic and also help with the theoretical stuff for the Pegasi and Earth Ponies. She is a literal gold mine of information since she was Celestia’s personal student just like Twilight and thus has a very good understanding of equestrian history during and before Twilight’s golden age began. She could also help Sunny access her Alicorn form and explain the elements of Harmony to the new generation.

Half an hour in and already in the featured box. I have the M rated stories on too.

Sunset might be upset at how run down the Castle has become.

Hm, I'd imagine this story would take less of a historical slant, and focus more on interpersonal relationships, as well as Sunset adjusting to her new situation. That's not to say that there won't be plenty of history lessons going on, on either side; but I feel like it wouldn't be the focus here. This particular story feels like it could be more of a meandering anthology of loosely connected chapters, with of course some continuity, than anything with a real start and finish. This has the added benefit of figuring things out as you go along, at a fairly sedate pace. It can be as long or as short as you'd like it to be if you wrote it this way, I think; if you ever come up with a more concrete way to continue the story, then you can peter this one off.

While I'm sorry to see that Sunset is all alone without the ponies she knows, I'm glad she's becoming acquainted with the new generation. I can't wait to see where this goes!

Playing the immediate sequel trope huh? I like that.

Well you kinda can get the human main 6 involved in this, also the human cmc and maybe find a way to bring back flurry (the Equestria version, maybe she's the source of sunny's alicorn powers and there can be a way to connect them or maybe when sunny meet her she somehow absorbed her in her ethereal horn and wings?)

umm.. she said she DID leave her original phone behind not sure it would even work passed the mirror

Gotta be surreal for Sunset in Zephyr Heights, seeing such a "human" city in Equestria, I think Maretime Bay will feel more properly "pony" as far as settlements go. As to Flurry I think she's dead here, though when she passed is not clear. Maybe she got out of the Crystal Empire and mix in with the population down south, might be Zipp and Pipp are of her bloodline and have some recessive unicorn genes. Brining the Human counterpart of the girls to Equestria might wake the tree of harmony, the presence of element bearers giving it a jump start.

Goddamn, this is good! Keep it going, amazing work!

Great start mate. Given Sunset's knowledge in magic, she could become the greatest magic caster of this era xD

Bacon hors looks super cute in the G5 style

Just don't turn it into Sleeper by Woody Allen......

damn, what a timing. Just fiinished the prequel around an hour ago at work, get home and there is more to come :rainbowlaugh:

this is gonna be hard for Sunset, accepting that everything she knew is gone...

Maybe, depending on how long it's been for Sunset, the occasional attempt to use her fingers(especially now that she has a phone) or maybe trying to go bipedal(maybe after she takes a nap). Though for historical stuff I wouldn't be surprised if she mentions windigoes, or maybe the other races. Though now that I think of what ever happened to the journal?

If Zephyr Heights is where Canterlot used to be, surely there would be castle ruins buried somewhere underneath them, right? Maybe the body of Celestia or Luna? Or a tomb.

Maybe Spike is still alive somewhere?

Changeling husks are discovered somewhere?

I want to see Sunset unlock a secret door in Twilight's castle that has mint condition artifacts, photos of Sunset with the Mane Six? Stuff like that.

best guess on how Sunset is alive and well in the current time is that when things went down all those years ago, the link between the EQG world and Equestria was severed. the time differential between universes happened: time in Equiestria ran forward faster while barely any time seemed to pass in the EQG world. once magic returned to Equestria, the link was repaired and time between the worlds became resynchronized, allowing the portal to reopen.

though it remains to be seen if it'll only be for 3 days or the old journal still exists somewhere in the land to allow anytime travel between worlds. or maybe that one portal that leads to that island in the middle of the ocean somewhere in Old Everfree that was seen in 'Spring Breakdown'. no time limit seemed to exist for that one, but the island seemed uninhabited and 'Everfree'ed'.

if you watch the movie, Canterlot Castle still stands. Just heavily modified/redecorated. it's not called Canterlot Castle anymore

Sunset's obviously gotta meet Hitch and Izzy. I have a feeling Hitch will remind her a lot of Flash Sentry.

And while she's probably gonna be shown Maretime Bay, I think she also needs to see the unicorns home of Bridlewood.

A wonderful start to your third installment. I'm very curious to see where this goes.

And I'm curious if the phones will somehow work through the portal, which could get really weird really fast.

I hope we find out if something is now powering the mirror from the Equestria side. If not, is it working on the original "3 days every 30 moons" schedule?

Um, have you actually read the last story all the way through? She never left the Crystal Palace.

"Nope, it was always just Princesses. Come to think of it, the only 'Queen' they encountered was evil," Sunset replied.

"That was Queen Chrysalis, right?" Sunny asked. glancing back to the unicorn.

I think Queen Novo wants a word with you

The CGI Render of Sunset looks really good

Sunset may not know of Queen Novo.

Maybe, they've probably never met, but you would think Twilight would have told Sunset about the events of the movie while catching up with each other.
But eh, if Twi didn't then she didn't, your story, your rules. I ain't gonna make a fuzz about it

That would be a surprise, seeing as how canonically she knows about the events of what happened with the Storm King during the cruise special. Not knowing who the Queen of the Hippogriffs is after all that would seem like a massive oversight

Indeed. Having a foremost expert in magic would be very beneficial to the unicorns. She likely even has spells learned not just from Twilight and StarSwirl, but also has probably studied Starlight and Sunbursts own spell creations, and Celestia knows Starlight invented tons of new things.

So was this your own idea, or did you get it from the other story that has Sunset coming back to find herself in a G5 world?

I did watch the movie, and I don't think there was any indication that Canterlot Castle and Zephyr Heights were ever made out to be the same location.

I'm aware that Zipp showed Sunny some ruins under Zephyr Heights that had the fan which Zipp used to artificially fly, but again, no indication that they're one in the same that I'm aware.

assuming your talking about the end chapter of Forgoten: the Frozen North...
its the same author.

hmm you're right, i just remember Sunny and Izzy have to pass through a rocky ravine/area and the pegasus city is placed ontop of several mountains instead of just at the summit of one. I think Zephyr Heights is located in the San Palimino Desert

I can't wait to see where this goes!


After a while of research and digging up some maps and info from the MLP wiki and Ponybooru, as well as Equestria Daily, this is all the info I'm confident is accurate between both G4 and G5.

This map is generally thought of as canonical to the show, even featured if I remember correctly.


This next map was featured in the movie.


This next one even has markers to point out geography between the two maps.


As far as the definition of Ancient History goes, loosely put, ancient history covers all continents inhabited by humans in the period of 3000 BC – AD 500. Assuming that rings true for our pony friends, we can safely assume that there's been thousands of years between the end of the G4 show and the start of the G5 movie, give or take a few centuries.

This allows enough time for the landscape to be massively shaped to the point that entire ecosystems could come and go in that time.

Make of this what you will, I'm just being an armchair detective at this stage hahaha

as i said, the Pegasus Territory could be around San Palimino Desert

In the alternate ending, in the regular all we know is she passed out and saw Sunny.

Pretty good start for this story. I wonder how old Sunset may be here? How much time has passed in the human world?

The four of them began to make their way upstairs, with Zipp walking next to Sunny and Pipp keeping pace with their new unicorn friend.

They got on the elevator and began to descend.

So, did they go upstairs to take the elevator to go down?

The realization suddenly hit the unicorn as she felt Ray take a few steps on her back.

Why is 'Ray' capitalized here? Are you talking about rays from the sun, or someone named, 'Ray?'

These downtown streets did nothing but remind her of downtown Everfree,

Wasn't the town Sunset lived in called, 'Canterlot City?'
"Meanwhile, in Canterlot City."

"Alright, Miss, Sunset was it? Right this way and we can find you the best fit for your case."

There should be another comma right after Sunset's name.

I know I do this often, and I'm not trying to make you feel bad, I just want to help you improve your writing skills.

The castle basement is still above the rest of the city.

Ray is Sunset"s pet gecko-turned-dragon.

Yeah, Flurry is most definitely dead and gone in this timeline. I believe milesprower06 confirmed that for sure in a comment on the last story somewhere. The alternate ending is the one where Flurry survived and got taken to Zephyr Heights.

But we don't know for sure she died in the Empire, she clearly is gone now, but she might have gotten out, gone south and died of old age with out her magic to make her immortal.

Well this'll be interesting even if I'm sad we can't get both Flurry and Sunset.

Ah, right. Thank you, I forgot about him.

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