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Just a guy who found out that a show about talking ponies is a lot better than I expected.



When an ancient Equestrian artifact suddenly tears a hole in time and space, Sunny Starscout gets the chance to meet her idol, Twilight Sparkle, for real! However, not only is Twilight shocked by the changes to the Equestria she loves, but Opaline's ever-present eyes see this as an opportunity to undo her defeat at Twilight's hooves. Twilight and Sunny must find a way to stop the mad alicorn if Equestria is to remain stable.

G4/G5 crossover.
Timeline: Pre-season 9 of FiM, post G5 holiday special.
My 40th pony fic!
Coverart by Adagiostring.

Chapters (16)
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This is very good. I'm giving you six stars for doing a good job. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Talk about cliff hangers...

You certainly know how to grab the attention. Past meet present here we go.

"Don't worry. I won't." Zipp looked down at her research one more time." I just wish I knew what she was trying to warn us about. Who tried to take all the magic in Equestria? What happened to them, anyway?"

While we already know who the threat is but unfortunately they don't know and that's also another good question about the magic and why it disappeared when did everything fell apart that's the only question we all want to know we only getting bit by bit information but not much

I'm loving the concept, excited to see where you take it. Excellent work so far

Only one I can guess is

Twilight sealed magic away to prevent Opaline from winning. Just a guess tho, no mager evidence

Hitch rolled his eyes towards the form he'd been filling out. "Just another complaint from Posey that I've got to file. How many times do I have to tell her that unicorns and pegasi using their powers in public isn't an emergency? You know, she never whines about earth pony magic."


"What the heck was that?!" exclaimed Pipp, climbing to her hooves once again. The glow that emanated from her wings, as well as Izzy's horn, had faded away.

"What in Equestria was that!?"

Every pair of eyes turned towards the vortex. It was faint, but they could just about make out six silhouettes coming towards them. They were shaped like ponies.

The Main 6😃

Glory!" exclaimed Peach and Glory

should of shouted for seashell

What kind of kids are these that's totally buried treasure. Old cool well designed and unexpected I would be so excited to find treasure like that on the beach

Anyway excited to see where this goes and for the main 6 to to pull off some girlboss moves on marentime

"Okay," Sunny continued, "so clearly, whatever we're looking at, it was caused by magic." She studied the spinning vortex for a few seconds. "It kinda reminds me of that hole that opened in the ground during the Maretime Bay Day Festival."

That's still pretty crazy what just happened

Well this is a pretty interesting start of a story so it was just a normal day in Maretime Bay and it looks like the holiday was pretty much done but it didn't stop Sunny to be more positive than ever but it looks like zipp I still trying to figure out the message that Twilight left meanwhile at the beach it looks like the pipsqueaks were just playing around until they found a watch and apparently it was activated and somewhere in town there was a portal in the center nobody has no idea what kind it is but it looks like somebody is coming I wonder who Could That Be guess we'll find out next time

I. Need. MOAR! :pinkiegasp:

Great start. Six silhouettes though? That'd imply the whole mane 6 are present, but the story description implies only Twi goes through... I suppose something went horribly(?) wrong(?).

The tag says main 6, so its all.


I just googled Opaline and she is, by far, the ugliest pony I have ever seen. :rainbowlaugh:

Fixed! I hate it when I do that.

In 3D at least. I think she looks more passable in Tell Your Tale.

Will be keeping an eye on this one!

Comment posted by MatTheBook deleted January 2nd

I remember seeing someone do this for the Season 5 finale trailer on YouTube, and I'm pretty sure I'll never get a chance to do this again, so:

Long ago in a distant land,
I, Opaline, the all-powerful mistress of magic,
unleashed an unspeakable evil!
But six foolish pony guardians
wielding magic gems
stepped forth to oppose me.
Before the final blow was struck,
I tore open a portal in time
and flung them into the future,
where my evil is law.
Now the fools seek to return to the past
and undo the future that is Opaline!

Finally, I havent seen a lot of stories where two generations meet

The Mane 6 and Mane 5 could have met in Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers, which is an idea of mine for this sequel they're hoping to do.

This is brilliant so far! Can't wait until the next chapter!

This story is shaping up to become very interesting. Also I wonder what that watch was if it can tear a hole in spacetime.

i can only imagine pinkie popping out of the portal in a steampunk battle suit just because

Gotta get back,
Back to the past
Or else their efforts would mean jack

Been waiting a long time for this.

This isn't the first time travel story that I see between the two generations but it's the first that I see that has good pacing, good characterisations and competent writing. I am very interested to finally see this concept done right and what kind of adventure awaits the two groups.

Keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

Fluttershy took that offer, positioning herself behind Pinkie and Rainbow. Twilight looked towards the void, and after taking one last swallow, she began to step through, the others on her tail.


I have been teased once again, but otherwise, happy that it's finally happening. Two generations meet. At last.

Twilight has come a long way to finally being decisive.

The tear itself keeps reminding me of the Day of the Doctor when the time fissure appears (which is the same thing as the portal here). Ten says anything could happen and then a fez comes through much to his bewilderment.
On a different note I am happy to see this going forward and I am eager to see what happens when the 2 generations meet.

Reminds me more of the tear in God of War: Ragnarok, but I can see that too.

"Yep! Angel's been a big help in keeping all the animals from fighting. Kind of odd, since he's just a small bunny, but he's learning to Stare almost as well as I do!"

Well I'm glad that he is helping after what happened during that freaky Fridays stunt

"And why didn't I feel anything?" asked Spike. "I was so scared for all of you, but there was no pain for me."

Hmm same with Sparky he didn't felt that either then apparently the magic is only affecting the ponies and I don't think the other creatures are affected I think I'm not really sure

"You mean..." Applejack began, "if we go into that hole...we'll time travel?"

Yep pretty much I mean Twilight Spike and starlight went through something like this and I feel like Doctor Whooves will have a field day after that

Within hours, a research station was set up around the mysterious vortex. Tents were erected to conceal it from view, so that the ponies of Ponyville could move on with their lives. Princess Celesta and Princess Luna had sent down the best magical scholars in Canterlot to study the phenomenon. Star Swirl and Starlight were there as well, since they had the most hooves-on experience with time magic. Twilight trotted between the tents, observing everypony's work, before coming to the center, where Star Swirl was probing the void itself.


i swear sunny is going to squeal and pass out at the sight of twilight

"I know, it's just a force of habit," replied the princess, grinning back at her idol.

Sometimes you can't help it 😊

"Because I need someone to look after the castle," said Twilight. "And Starlight's looking after the school. Don't worry, Spike. If it turns out to be safe, I promise, I'll take you on a trip through before we close it."

Well that's kind of a Miss opportunity it would have been interesting for Spike to see Sparky

This is actually a pretty good build up right now so back in the past of Ponyville Twilight and her friends are basically hanging out with each other after that event of the legions of Doom they can finally relax well until they filed a magical source and suddenly the time portal opens and they have no idea what is beyond their but it looks like Star Swirl and starlight figure out what it is and none of the cities and other kingdoms were affected just only Ponyville but she has to discuss this with Princess Celestia Luna and Cadence trying to figure out what to do until Twilight said she will go and investigate whatever is behind it but of course her friends will come with her and this is actually the first time they're going to experience time traveling which there should be very interesting how the generation 5 will react to seeing Twilight and the others well guess we'll find out next time

Always the cliffhangers. They'll come to an end soon, at least! :pinkiehappy:
So excited to see where this goes! And yeah, as much as the cliffhangers are painful to me, the other commenters are right - you have amazing pacing here :twilightsheepish:

Actually, this isn't after the Legion of Doom. Remember, this takes place in between seasons 8 and 9 of FiM.

Thank you!

Ohh so this is before cozy glow almost succeeded and it's between when Princess Celestia and Luna announced their retirement okay got it

"So, let me get this straight," began Rainbow. "You want us to go with you through that portal, which leads to an unknown time period, in an unknown location, on a journey we might not even come back from, that's probably fraught with danger. Is that right?"

"Pretty much," replied Twilight.

"Where do I sign?!"

Can I upvote a story twice?

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