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Just a guy who found out that a show about talking ponies is a lot better than I expected.

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Boltstrike Movie Reviews: Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire · 3:02am April 6th

Luckily, I'm not as late on the draw this time. I will be saying things that are spoilers for this movie, but I'll try my best to mark them.

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Look this PDF of comic de My Little Pony G5 Set Your Sail number 01

Look this PDF of comic de My Little Pony G5 Mane Event

Look this covers of My Little Pony Set Your Sails blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEiJNUUqKUONC6rsLtgdNXugTnsnmK6TUpoZef6Bri31X-CnCTBeKQu5zk3EAMDDKzdwiVw3_d3l5esHbpsu4-xitqpZjyBKLpr-JkA3YhyphenhyphenX-ck_047jMPK30Q30kJe3x4Le8dhwNHIh1HJzypSdJ-ZvUEgve7Ambrf1AlPT_nHeI1uwAaNaZ7nIon3a18Hy/s935/3.jpg
and also page number 01
the premieres comic number 01 on April 10

This is my theory with the data that has been revealed about what caused Equestria to split:
Opaline was banished from Skyro, although before she was banished she may have been stripped of her Alicorn powers by the inhabitants of Skyro. When she was in Equestria, Opaline began to investigate how to recover her fire Alicorn power and also started the conflict between the three races of ponies, although I doubt it was on purpose, she only did it involuntarily due to the personality she had, but finally That conflict that started Opaline the benefit to her them because they were too busy trying to stop the conflict to know who started it and pay attention to it. Opaline discovered that with the magical fire of the dragons she could regain her power and she attacked the dragons. Meanwhile in Equestria, Twilight decided to create the Unity Crystals so that the ponies would stop fighting like Discord said in the comics, then they realized what had happened to the dragons and Twilight to protect the dragons from Opaline, decided to create the Dragonstone. Although Twilight realized that Opaline could still attack the ponies, she decided to create the field outside and separate the Unity Crystals, as Spike had explained. Unfortunately after a while the three races of ponies finally split up on their own and lost their magic, that would explain Spike's surprise that the ponies had lost their magic, because he never thought that would end up happening. I also believe that between Opaline's first defeat and the separation of the three pony races there was a war and that is why there was no leader left to keep the ponies united.

Posey might as well change her name to Punching Bag at this point.

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