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An author practicing with the world of colorful ponies. I hope we can be great friends, fellow pony fans!

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Remaster of PM is Submitted! · 6:50pm Last Thursday

And it'll be showing soon, my dear friends and readers. I hope you will be enjoying the remaster/second edition to Phantom Monsters. I am going to be taking this slowly, as to not rush through the chapters with getting straight to a battle in it.

I hope you enjoy the second version of my story! Have a great week ahead!

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well hopefully my little project manages to entertain you.

Haven't been exactly reading it yet, but I will once I have time.

thanks for adding 'I Am NOT Twilight Sparkle' to your favorites. how are you finding the fic so far?

Thank you kindly for the fave.

I will. Godzilla's one of my favorite movie franchises. Good luck with the story! If you won't mind, care to check out my own story? Anything from a friend is welcome in my book.

  • Viewing 38 - 42 of 42
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