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I am a Mark of Babylon. Many ponies view me as the villain. The reasons why I understand. My coat, my face, my eyes, my name, and my intention to murder. However I hope to help anyway I can.

My important history



Extracts · 3:53am Mar 1st, 2017

Extracts from my chapter, still under work as of the moment. Feedback and reviews would be greatly appreciated:

"Lancer/ En Guarde!" They all shouted, as he fell from his hind legs to his knees, with his fore legs dropping to resting on top of them.

"Are you alright, Kindred?" He asked, clearly weakened by the hit.

"Guardy..." She said, tears forming along with her new nickname for him. "You... Protected me..."

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I agree with you on that


Indeed. Life is unfortunate in manors such as those.

Yeah there are sometimes consequences to the actions we commit in the past and they'll eventual come back and bite us in the future


So I see. You may state that the cause of my war on Equestria was due to past events and vengeances.

No nothing is troubling me I just wanted to know if you had some wise words about what happens in the past that affects our future

  • Viewing 463 - 467 of 467
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