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I am a Mark of Babylon. Many ponies view me as the villain. The reasons why I understand. My coat, my face, my eyes, my name, and my intention to murder. However I hope to help anyway I can.


In every turn of events and through all the outcomes, another one takes place elsewhere with a different result. A theory that you may or may not believe. However, it is true in our Babylon. This is what we believe to be an alternate version of "Equestria", a parallel reality that never received the opportunity to exist in the Equestria that we know. Most would refer to this as a different "generation". In those timelines, our Babylon goes to visit, and we record those events as follows. This is one of them: a civil war we unintentionally started.

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This is a very interesting story.

I love how it just keeps the reader from understanding what "Babylon" is in the story, as if to save that for a later time.


Keep it up!


The feedback is appreciated, however Babylon has been explained in the first story, Marks Of Babylon. While I do not intend to select favorites, Marks Of Babylon is intended to be the main story about my Babylon.

You are right, however, in that Babylon will slowly be explained to the characters from the original show in later chapters. As a matter of fact, that is somewhat one of the key plot-points of this story, evident by the final sentence in the story description above.


I didn't know there was another story (I just read the title, and noticed the image. I did read the description, but I must've missed that part... Sorry.)


You have nothing to be sorry for. Allow me to show you something. The ones in the outfits, bar the pink one in the last panel, are the ponies from Babylon in this chapter. This may be obvious, but we are called Babylonians.



You are welcome. Thank you for expressing interest.

Near the end, you messed up an italics ending tag and made the rest of the story italics.


Thank you for informing me of that. Feel free to do so again if it occurs again.


I had been expecting someone to notice that. Chapter 1 will be published at the end of the story.

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