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I'm just a random guy who wants to read good fanfics. If you want to know anything about me, (I doubt any of you do, but you never know) just ask me

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Uh, I kinda forgot how to send PM's :twilightsheepish: It's been quite awhile

Mind sending a PM of your username and account number?

Well I am in the process of making one:twilightsmile:

Well I feel foolish. I just remembered that I had already created a discord although its not the same name as my account here

If you ever get an account, let me know

Interesting, I think I'll check it out, thanks:twilightsmile:

It's an app on mobile devices and a website on computers. It lets people communicate with each other. All you need is either be on the same server as someone or know their username and account number to send a friend request. Any fans of my story I meet, i try to talk to on Discord because it's far easier than talking on here.

I don't know what that is, I'm afraid. I've heard of it, but I don't know what it is

Do you have a Discord account?

I just find it to be a very entertaining story. The idea of traveling through the multiverse is a fun idea :twilightsmile: I don't remember if it was this story or another, who had a powerful entity roaming the void, reminds me of Lovecraft in a way. Also I like how you change ideas for each Equestria, and Screwball, we can't forget the little princess of chaos:twilightsmile: While I reading this story, I had the image of Screwball wielding the infinity gauntlet. Another thing I like about this story is that it can go anywhere, the possibilities are endless. I actually pictured the Star Wars universe in a displaced story but I don't know if I ever read one. Anyway I've been rambling on long enough, it's an excellent story in my opinion

Well let me know whenever you do get it. Since I'd wanna ask a few questions and it's far better asking stuff there than here

I’ll proly get Discord in the Summer

Oh ok then lit

Of course not. I don't do that. Like I want people to know what I look like. I don't even do voice chat most of the time

I’ll think about it. No face cams though if we do

So long as it's not too crazy, I might be able to do that. But you should get a Discord account. It's easier talking on there than here on FimFic

No, also quick question, im possibly going to start a story during the summer, so would it be cool if we trade ideas for future stories?

Hmm. Do you have a Discord account?


Cause the story really gave a good explanation on Displaced for me, and the story in general was entertaining

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My First Blog · 12:04am Mar 3rd, 2016

Hello hello everyone. My name is DarkSpider. I'm not sure if anyone will notice this, but I wanted to finally do it. I'm a relatively new member of this site, even through I've been on since mid-January, and I wanted to make myself known. I'm going to say a few things for anyone who might be curious about said things.

First off, I'm sadly not going to post any stories. I love reading stories, but I can't come up with one of my own for the life of me.

Second, I'm

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Well I'm 2 hours late for this. So 2019 is officially over. Gotta say, it's been quite the year and decade.

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