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It's Christmas time at Canterlot High. Normally a time for fun and cheer. But no this year it seems. Someone is spreading people's worst and most embarrassing secrets.

Their name? Anon-A-Miss. And the one that seems to be the culprit? Sunset Shimmer. At least according to Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo.

Unfortunately for whoever is doing it, Canterlot High isn't falling for it. Not after the Battle of the Bands. And even the few that still haven't fully forgiven Sunset for her past bullying, believe she is innocent.

But then, who is the culprit?

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Was she not wearing pants? Quickly looking down, Sunset sighed in relief to see that no, she hadn't come to school with no pants

IT ISN'T JUST ME THEN! I don't know why, but whenever I feel like people are staring at me, I need to look down and make sure I'm wearing pants. I know for a fucking fact that I am, but it's always the first thing I check.

Nah. That would be too easy.

Okay, so I guess I'll wait before I add it to the other suspects folder then.

Well I look forward to seeing your take on the infamous comic and see what will happen in the next chapter.

Keep up the good work.

An Anon-a_Miss fic where everyone in Canterlot High actually gives some thought as to whether or not Sunset would actually do the deed?
And subsequently dismissing the possibility of Sunset actually regressing to bullyhood?
You had my curiosity with the description.
Now you have my attention.

This is an interesting take on the Anon-A-Miss scandal. My only nitpick would be that having the entire student body not believe its Sunset is a bit unrealistic. More than likely they'd be divided between those who think it's Sunset, those who believe she's innocent and that this is an obvious frame job, and those who are unsure of what to believe(all three camps would include students who've been personally bullied by Sunset in the past).

FINALLY! It's been too long until a story like this has been found. I say found and not made because this probably isn't the first fic where nobody believes Sunset is guilty, but it is definitely the first I've found.

But that would make too much sense. And what's the fun in making sense? Especially with this? There probably are some that fit those categories. But when the Rainbooms themselves are 100% behind Sunset... Well, who's going to argue with them?

The ones who are buying into what Anon-A-Miss is trying to sell, are just out of luck and the numbers they need to try and do something. And with most of the school either on Sunset's side or just not sure yet. The CMC doesn't have the traction and power they did in the comic.

I Love This Story So Much! Everyone At Canterlot High School Believes Sunset Shimmer Is Innocent, Even The Rainbooms Believe Sunset Isn’t Anon-A-Miss As Well! As For The CMC’s They Are The Only Ones Who Believes Sunset Shimmer Is Anon-A-Miss Which Is Very Mean.

I tried something like this a while back, but in my opinion you're tackling it far better. I'm inclined to think it isn't the CMC; that's just far too obvious.

That last note about her victims from her days as a bully being split amongst those who do believe it's her, those who actually have brains and can see it's a set-up (say what you will about Sunset pre Fall Formal, she was subtle) and those unsure, that is an interesting one.
There would be those victims who can clearly see she's changed if only because she is being about as blatant about her regret as Anon-a-Miss is about framing her.
Just like there would be those that refuse to believe she's changed even after the Battle of the Bands.

I saw yours. No comment on it. But the CMC tag is there for a reason :). Yeah, I know it would be more interesting if there was someone else doing it. But doing an OC is what ruined yours, for me anyway.

And everyone at C.H.S. knows that the Rainbooms would beat the snot out of them if they ever confess to it. The CMC were betting on their sisters being too pissed off to think straight, and just blame Sunset on principal. That was a miserable failure here of course.

Here's the thing though. Yeah, there are some who are on the fence about the whole thing, and those with their heads shoved up their ass. But this isn't going to get messy.

I'm avoiding all the clichés these stories usually have in them. I wouldn't be doing this otherwise.

I know.
That's why this story has my attention.

Finally! A fic about this concept where nobody took stupid pills for the sake of this plot! You sir or Ma'am are getting a favorite from me on this! No questions!

Just making sure 🙂. It'll be mentioned about some students being in both camps. And that's all for the moment.

Oh, there are some students who think Sunset did it. But now they're a very small minority, and not the entire out for her blood.

I'm trying to avoid what too many authors do with this comic.

And I'm a dude by the way. So... 😎

Oh right sorry I got to excited but still is a breath of fresh air to finally see a different take on this without everyone being annoying idiots for once still I look forward to seeing where it will go so you have my interest

I'll be sure to continue following.

Well, this is interesting.

An Anon-A-Miss story that doesn't get a fleet of downvotes in the first twenty four hours? It's a Christmas miracle!

Secondary congratulations for going that span of time without a single downvote. That's just rare, with this site.

In any case, being an aficionado of Anon-A-Miss stories in general, I'm glad to see one that has a new take on the subject. As much as I like the usual "Sunset lost her friends and now she's saaaaad", I'm digging the approach where she has a leg or two to stand on.

im jumping up and down right now, i mean its a bit of a guilty pleasure to read anonamiss shitshows for me right now, shitshow as in good story horrible things happen in it, but i have been wanting to see these kinds of retellings for a while now cuz screw the comic and all that

there are other fics similar to this.
but none of them have the ENTIRE SCHOOL, for all intents and purposes, actually USING THEIR BRAINS.

Hahahaha Nice.

You need better tastes in stories if you actually like the steaming piles of horseapples this kind of story usually is.

I know right? It's just sad that more people don't seem to care enough to try and do something new with this, and just repeat ad nauseoum what other stories do.

Seriously. It feels like the only thing new with this genre, is who the author is 99% of the time. There's a few out there that do something different. But only from, like, the middle onwards of the comic.

Not from the begining.

i can think of two i have seen, one of which i have read, where at least SOME of the Rainbooms either stop and think, "why would Sunset do this?" without assuming that she did, or just outright support her from the start.
the former i have read, the latter i have not.
i intend to read the latter at some point if i can find it again.
Edit: because i can't seem to be left alone about them.


If you do find the later, share it. Does sound interesting. And would be a nice change of pace to see the girls supporting Sunset from the very start.

found the latter, and sent BOTH to you in Private Messages.

IDW writers. Take a note.

An Anon-A-Miss story where nobody at the High School grabbed an Idiot Ball and held on for dear life? Sunset's not being bullied or made miserable?

In other words, this is basically Anon-a-Miss: How It Should Have Been! (or HISHB for short)

Do my eyes deceive me? An Anon-a-Miss fic where the students and faculty of CHS aren’t dumbasses? :pinkiegasp:

You have captured my attention! :twilightsmile:

An Anon-a-Miss story that no one believes it was Sunset?

As far as Anon-a-Miss fics goes, this is a refreshing concept (and how it should have been in the original comic).

I'm looking forward to see more of this! :pinkiesmile:

Was she not wearing pants? Quickly looking down, Sunset sighed in relief to see that no, she hadn't come to school with no pants or skirt on.

I now wonder if that ever happened to Sunset, at least in her early days.

For a moment, no one said anything. Finally, though, the girls let out a collective sigh of relief. "Oh thank goodness," Rarity finally said. "That's a weight off of our shoulders."

Sunset blinked. "Wait. You girls don't think I did all of this?"

Rainbow laughed as she swung an arm around her shoulder. "Of course not! What kind of idiots do you think we are?

Oh, Rainbow...if you knew the original story and all of the attempts to "fix" it.

Vice Principal Luna was also there as well, and while not as welcoming, her smile was still calming in a way. Sunset wondered if Princess Luna had the same effect on ponies?

She does on me. n//n

Why would Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo, though, accuse her of doing all of this? She wouldn't call herself best friends with the trio, but Sunset thought they got along great. Could they...

Nah. That would be too easy.

...think there's a saying about the easiest answer...but I'll digress. What I will say is...I am all too happy to see an Anon-A-Miss story where no one, especially the Rainbooms, has been bludgeoned with the Stupid Stick; honestly, Anon-A-Miss fics and stories where someone becomes a character they're cosplaying at a convention or receives that character's item and are transported to Equestria are probably the lowest hanging fruit on the fanfiction idea tree.

What makes the Anon-A-Miss stuff worse is typically the writer takes the original premise...and kinda makes it worse in an attempt to "fix" the story in their eyes...which in my eyes equates to Sunset being brought so low she falls into the arms of whomever they wish to ship her with; for me to drawn to read one, the story has to have something that separates it from the others or does something different enough. One of the Rainbooms believing in Sunset...Sunset traveling to Equestria...Equestrians coming to the human world...something that'll shake up the formula.

This...does that and then some and it is a breath of fresh air. Can't wait to see what comes.

.... if you see a message from me with a link.... just know that it's related to that comment directed towards Rainbow.


What I will say is...I am all too happy to see an Anon-A-Miss story where no one, especially the Rainbooms, has been bludgeoned with the Stupid Stick

That makes two of us.
As much as I do like the Anon-a-Miss comic, I will ALSO admit that the writing in it made it a small/medium-sized train wreck.

I think what aggravates ME about it most is the TIMING of it, said timing being AFTER the Battle of the Bands.
Now, if it'd happened sometime BETWEEN the Fall Formal AND the BotB, THAT would've made WAY more SENSE, as the students' forgiveness and acceptance of her wasn't QUITE there yet.

Thank goodness for authors like you and EchoWing, nine.

Cool. Up yours, pal.

Well now, this is an interesting alternate to the usual Anon-A-Miss story variants. I look forward to seeing what happens next.

Similar to an idea I once had where the girls first conclusion would be that someone had hacked her phone. Always nice to see a story where logic gets a win.

Huh. Reminds me of that bit with Joker in Under the Red Hood.

"You really think I would stir up so much trouble and not make sure you knew it was me?"

Reversed of course, but it holds true. This whole thing is practically a complete inversion of Sunset's old methods, indirect manipulation and general confusion. And, given that she'd involved practically the entire school in her machinations, they know what an authentic Sunset hatchet job looks/feels/smells like.

I'm enjoying this so far, looking forward to more.

Rainbow laughed as she swung an arm around her shoulder. "Of course not! What kind of idiots do you think we are? This isn't the new you."

Considering they have been idiots in almost every Anon-A-Miss story, it says a lot.

I have a bit of a weakness for Anon a Miss stories in that way you like formulaic and predictable stuff. It's interesting seeing the things people come up with. I feel the same way about Video game creepypastas. I love them even if like 98% of them are predictable and not good, but still I enjoy them warts in all. I never read the comic and yet somehow, I ended up enjoying stories based on it. Not murder fics but yelly accusation or AU fics where Sunset befriends someone new or goes back to Equestria. This is a new idea and therefore I will read this when I feel like it or get around to it on my backlog!

And of course right after I say I will read this when I feel like it, I read it 5 seconds later. Boy do I have weak temptation or what? I quite like this story and how self aware it was. It's nice. I still like the comfort of the formulaic, but this makes a good destress fic with barely anything wrong. I giggled when Gilda and Lightening Dust were supportive. The dramatic irony was best though!

I already know I'll get downvotes just for what it's based on.

Surprisingly, no! Only 4, that I can see. Well done!

Also, only the human-CMC are pinning the account on Sunset? No-one else?
That's mighty suspicious...interrogate them! They're obviously hiding something!

It's funny in that, I'm not making it self aware on purpose. The girls learned their lesson after their arguing with each other and turning their backs on their friends, almost let the Dazzlings win.

Oh sure, they still have their stupid moments. They're teenagers. It's kinda their thing. But even at her dumbest, even Rainbow knows Sunset was never this blatant in her Bitch Queen days. So does the vast majority of the school.

There's a few that do think the worst of Sunset, and a few that are on the fence about whether she's innocent or not. But the ones who think she's guilty are a very small minority of the students.

And, yeah. Gilda and Lightning really is me stabbing at the vast majoirty of stories on the site that use the comic. It's either one or the other, or sometimes both of them, that try to murder Sunset. Or beat within an inch of her life.

Gilda is more how she is post Season 5. She and Rainbow are old friends, and that's enough for Gilda. Rainbow and Lightning aren't really friends. But they get along much better than their pony selves do, since the two don't share the same history.

The thing is I actually like Gilda and Lightening Dust. I feel kinda bad for them. Lightening Dust in particular. I love how almost vengeful the wording was at that scene (or maybe hearing you say it was a stab makes me think of it) when it said they were supportive. I have no idea why I like this as much as I do (the Anon a Miss fics, though this story might be good for a giggle down the road) but I get really into them. Don't care for the tragedy ones where the mistake costs Sunset's life, but I like accusation fics. Guilty pleasure!

I think you should rename this "Anon-a-Miss But Everybody is Actually Smart"

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