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“Too much sanity may be madness. And maddest of all, to see life as it is and not as it should be.” -Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Don Quixote



Sunset Shimmer has lost everything. All her so-called friends have turned their backs on her thanks to the machinations of Anon-A-Miss, and she's abandoned and alone. About to step out into a cold winter afternoon, she hears a voice she didn't expect calling her back...

Written because of my own temper and sense of righteousness has fouled my thoughts before. Written because we can see the truth of things even through our anger. And written because I'd like to believe that individuals can think beyond the baying of the mob.

Rated T for swearing, discussions of violence, and some other PG-13 scenes.

9/18/17- Featured. For a minute. A little stunned.
9/26/17- Featured. Again. Let's see if it will last...
10/2/17- Featured for a few hours this time. Thank you all!

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Things will be worst when they find out who was really behidnit all. I wodnr what the damage will be between the sisters?

Well written and fascinating to see unfold. Brilliant to have Applejack start to see the folly of her mistakes by remembering what Sunset had done to them all before and choosing to not make the same mistakes all over. It's good that she doesn't backpedal on herself and admits she did make a mistake in not believing Sunset and asking for forgiveness. Seeing this kind if reflection here and from here on will be a great read I look forward to. It makes me wonder if some of the girls won;t be as accepting right away, if they need more time to think it over, and so on. Especially how Sunset will react to each of them. I look forward to the next part.

The next chapter is written, but I'm planning on proofreading it before posting.

To answer your question; I'm planning on having each of the girls have a different revelation regarding their treatment of Sunset. Applejack has remembered the truth of her past; facing herself with honesty allows her to understand her anger.

Next chapter will see Applejack make things right- in more ways than one.

"written because I'd like to believe that individuals can think beyond the baying of the mob", and you're making the same Anon-A-Miss story everyone else has... Ok then.

If you're gonna alter canon, why not alter it so this whole thing never happened, sparing everyone the OOC jerkishness and idiocy that's caused the comic to be so hated in the first place? That's what the EG franchise and the rest of the fandom seem to be doing.

Sorry if this seems complainy, but I've waited ever since the comic came out for a Post Nuptials style fic, a canon-compliant (at the time) work where the friendship the franchise is built around overcomes the pain without the AU cop-out . The fandom's failure to do so (those that tried didn't go far enough in addressing the issues) has annoyed me for years. At this rate I'll have to make such a fit myself.

But if your fic is how you want to approach this, I'll leave you to it. I wish you and your work luck.

The event itself matters- in all honesty, I can see myself making the same mistakes the Humane five made in the heat of the anger. My issue with both the comic and the majority of other fics is that none of Sunsets friends take time to think on their own; either they move as a group, influenced beginning to end by each other and those around them, or come to their conclusions in tandem.

And most other anon-A-Miss fic out there has the "big revelation" where everyone finds out the real culprit, and only then do they recognize what happened and go begging for forgiveness. If someone outside you has to let you know you've messed up, its time to take a long, hard look in the mirror. Post Nupials approached the issue after the fact- heartbreak and sorrow, with hope for reconcilliation. If you want something similar, try A Shimmering New Year, if you haven't already. It's not quite the same, but it heads in a similar direction.

Still- thanks for the encouragement. The story will be far different when we finish. Keep an eye on me- we've got a ways to go.

And if you do write such a fic- hey, I'll be happy to read it.

AJ's the first to see the light of truth. Now the question is, will the other four do so as well?

Yes, but slowly. And if you read carefully, even AJ's still suspicious. She's just recognized that tossing Sunset to the wolves is a terrible thing to do.

And I know that will apply to the others soon.

so is this a fix fic?

nice start, looking forward to where this will go :twilightsmile:

I cant wait to see where this goes.

Expect guilt slinging, drama, and revealing of old scars.

Oh boy; three of my favorite things in fanfics! I can't wait to watch the truth crush them.


I like your Granny and how she deals with everything. Most fics don't really go into Granny as I think she deserves. :ajsmug:

And the second one started to doubt Anon-A-Miss, and the first of the crusaders feels bad. I doubt the otheres will follow from what you wrote about why they are going on, so i guess AB will be the one to make it right later. :pinkiesmile:

I like how the general tone of the story so far is; "Oh... mistakes were made."

I hope all three pay a heavy price for what they done.

Very heartwarming stuff with the Apple family - which will probably make it all the harder on Apple Bloom when the CMC are found out - and it's good to see Sunset is starting to recover from all the heartache. And nice to see Rarity is starting to rethink her views about Sunset in a time when her anger and resentment should have been increasing, only for it to start dulling. And intriguing to hear each of the Crusaders' brief thoughts on what they think of all this and it'll be good to see how Apple Bloom progresses as she starts to question her actions.

Finally a story were Honesty wins out before it's gets really bad. Been waiting for a story like this one.

How frequently will this be updated,

Hopefully once a day, because the inspiration high has me going. But as the week continues, the updates might drop off a bit.

I have the next chapter ready, at least- I'll probably post it tomorrow evening. I'm bogged down a bit on inspiration for two sections- one revelation, and the denouement. The ending is easy- getting there without leaving a whole host of loose ends is the trouble.

I'm also having difficulty writing Pinkie Pie- I know what I want her understanding to be, but I'm having trouble articulating it.
... then again, I am writing Pinkie Pie. Maybe I'm overthinking it.

...nah. This needs to be done right.

Why would the anger and resentment be increasing? That's one of the problems I have with most of the other Anon-A-Miss fics.
Anger is draining. It can fester into hate, or be channeled into drive, but anger is difficult to hold onto without constant wounds. And most of the girls don't have that in them. I'll be addressing that issue later on in the story.
In the comics, the girls are already having second thoughts by the time the CMC come to them to fess up. As I said in the beginning, I wanted each of the girls to have a chance to drain their anger enough to think for themselves.

Still, I'm glad you appreciate my work, and I hope the next four chapters meet with your approval. Those are the ones I have definitive "markers" for in my mind- the last six are still in flux. (I've already made three major changes, and added an... interesting wrinkle to chapter 3.)

As for the CMC- they're also going to be taking a look in the mirror. I'll just leave with "And he who fights monsters..."

Very interesting way of using the emotional turmoil. I'm looking forward to the next

What I meant by anger and resentment increasing I meant that with the scene with Rarity some people who really hold onto grudges HARD or in a writer's hand who really just wanted them to keep making them feel hatred so that the revelation of the truth will hit all the harder is what could have happened, but instead we had Rarity calming down and starting to think things over.


Well, let's just see how this goes. Also, how Apple Bloom feels about Sunset staying with them. That will go well.

I almost want to keep Apple Bloom away from Sweet Apple Acres for a couple more days. But that's not feasible. Everything goes sideways for her when she finds that out- in more ways then one.

That part's going to be tricky to write. Wish me luck...

In the comics, the raw anger calmed down, but they were still very much against Sunset. They were talking about how it might've been unforgivable even for family when they still thought it wasn't her (compared to the instant full forgiveness the CMC received) and were trying to shout her out of the cafe(?) and she had to basically beg them to listen a second time (when they couldn't just leave the way they did earlier) and bring up Twilight. They were completely unrepentant the entire way through and even after the event.

As for the story itself, it's an interesting take and I really like how it's going against the grain. The photo scene with Rarity reminds of a similar scene from Gunsmoke, which tackled anger petering out in a similar way.

Are we gonna expect Granny waiting outside the front foor with a double barrel shotgun next chapter? I could sit with her and help. But my shotgun is a pump action

Well, Rarity is beginning to understand the flaws of her abandoning Sunset. And if the others are the doing the same, they better do it fast. Cause, with those Dazzlings learning about Sweet Apple Acres, I know they won't be going over there for apple treats.

8434831 Hey, both have their good points.... and do a LOT of damage up close.

I considered having Granny pull something like that with her unexpected guests... but I have other ideas on what the Dazzlings will do.

Should be fun!

I'll protect Granny and the Apple clan at all costs

8434948 Cool.
And for THEM (the Dazzlings), maybe.
Still, the Apples are folks that you really, really, really, REALLY don't wanna mess with.
ESPECIALLY given that Granny herself seems to have a rather rough past.

8434952 That makes TWO of us!

Well, this is new. On to the next chapter.

And now the Dazzlings enter the picture; this will not be good for Sunset in this state. Old enemies wanting revenge, the school's wrath misguided at her, and some of her friends wavering on their belief right now. Sunset is gonna need all the support she can muster. Hope things go well for her.

Inspired directly by Gunsmoke- I credit that story in the next chapter. Good eye!


Boy I hope Granny Smith is strong enough to handle those three.

So, how many more of the Humane Five are going to come to their sense before a mob forms outside Sweet Apple Acres?

hmmmm.... is dash gonna use her head?

Maybe if she hits the punching bag hard enough with it

In the meantime, the first of the crusaders is about to run into a hard dose of reality- while a second undergoes her own crisis of faith.

Hmm? You know what:
First crusader: 50 Bucks on Apple Bloom!
Second: Same amount on Sweetie Belle!

Why, is this story going to be one of the all-time greats? The chances are very good indeed...

There are far too many good stories on this site for mine to make the all-time greats. Alone, the epics that begin with Foal of the Forest, When the Man Comes Around, and the classic Past Sins get top booking. My work is innovative, not inventive- theirs is.

Still, I really appreciate the praise. I'm no changeling, but a bit of love for my work is always appreciated.

...huh. You'll break even.

...That's unfair to Rainbow. Sure, she's rash, brash, and uncouth- but I've never thought of her as stupid. Unmotivated and temperamental, but not stupid. When she actually bothers to think, she's right more often than not.

And have you ever actually punched a punching bag? Headbutting one of those would give her a concussion, if nothing else.

I think slowly all of her friends are gonna come to their senses

I confess one thing: the stories about Anon-a-Miss have never really liked me. Because many of these are or become too gloomy for my liking, then rainbooms literally become heartless bastards, in short they are not stories that inspire me except for some exceptions. But yours I like because despite the rainbooms they did not believe in Sunset at first, they are slowly understanding that there is something wrong, and it is before they find out who the Anon-A-Miss is, so I'll keep following this history hoping it will not disappoint my expectations.

It's one for each so I can at least end up with a half. I'll be surprised if I get doubled but, it's your story so we shall see soon enough.

I love this story. I can't tell you how sick I am of people rehashing the same story with only minor alterations. You my friend join the short list of authors who dared to do something different.

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