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It started off simply enough, Applejack's embarrassing childhood nickname. Everyone had one, Sunset's was Little Firestarter. The group ignored it, even when students take it a step forward and start teasing the farmer about it.

However the next day, after a sleepover at Rarity's involved all of them dressing up in silly costumes the fashionista had made, things got worse. Those pictures were posted online, and the poster, Anon-A-Miss, also left derogatory comments.

Those pictures came from Sunset's phone, but she doesn't remember posting them. What's going on?

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ah, the F U rainbooms way is so refreshing

“We really messed up, didn’t we…” Rainbow Dash said as she and the other Rainbooms watched Sunset’s back, bile threatening to boil out of her stomach as her guilt washed over her.

“What are we going to do… What can we do…?” Applejack asked to no one in particular.

THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO, GIRLS!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Interesting. Is Sunset going to stay expelled?

Damn sunset ! YAY ! I actually found a story where sunset is "defending" herself !

Not do anything reckless? What, does she have to be dead for her to be seen as the victim of that ambush?!

Daaaaammmmmnnnnn, Sunset nearly straight up kill Glida! I love this so far & the fact Sunset has been pushed past her breaking point is gonna make this more interesting, especially with her about to remeet The Dazzlings.

too little too late girls

“WHY WON’T YOU JUST LET ME BE HAPPY!?” Sunset screamed from her knees, looking up into the sky with her arms held out, her school binders plummeting back onto the street. “WHAT MUST I DO TO SHOW THAT I’VE CHANGED!?”

Life responded by just continuing to drop snow on her.

A low, deep laugh started to build out of Sunset’s core, making its way up and out of her, its dark, maniacal notes echoing through the air around her as she just laughed at all the things that life kept throwing at her, trying to beat her down into the dirt with.

All it takes is one bad day........well, not really.

Man I have a guilty plessure for anon a miss stories where Sunset fights back.

I'm liking the approach and the start has a good feel to it. Definitely worth the attention for now.

oh damn i didn't see sunset as a violent one but this is a great story i will be following along with

“After all we’ve been together- Really? Why do think I’m Anon-A-Miss?” Sunset Shimmer looked around in shock at the other members of the Rainbooms as they silently judged her, arms crossed, eyes squinting as their brows furrowed.

And now i stop reading because the first chapter already has an easily fixed error

Title alone was enough to get me hooked.

It always is.

Really? My feelings towards it are anything but guilty.

I've said it before, I do love a good revenge fic if it's done right.

What's the error? If you mean the Rainbooms not believing Sunset, that's basically the core of Anon-a-miss.

Well not only are the Rainbooms in the wrong but now Celestia and Luna are gonna have one if not FOUR very pissed off princesses to handle. Same with half the school.

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So let me see If I've got this right here (I haven't read the comic but I'll assume it's the same there). Sweetie Belle and Applebloom posted nasty comments and pictures of the humane 6 because their sisters were spending time with their friends and not them? Then, instead of being upfront about it, they decided to make it seem like Sunset did it.

That seems very out of character for them. During the gabby gums incident, it was seeing how upset ponies (especially their sisters and friends) were getting that made their pony counterparts want to quit and eventually tell people that it was them. I can't imagine them keeping this charade going when they saw the shit the students were giving Sunset, much less let it get to the point where people are physically attacking Sunset over it.

Also Principal Celestia, fight or flight is a thing. Six people were trying to seriously injure, if not kill Sunset. Sunset was not in any position to think clearly so nope, Gilda being carried off to hospital doesn't change the fact that what happened was a clear as day case of self defence.

The swearing is a bit excessive but I'll keep an eye on this and see where it goes from here.

I'll be keeping my eyes glued on this fic, really good start~! ^^

Basically the human CMC all get upset that their sisters are spending time with Sunset more than them, and decide to try and break up the party. In the comic, that's it, no other motive behind it, which is fine for a kids comic, but not so much if you want a serious story~ ^^

As far as the comic goes, the CMC eventually reveal themselves, just after Sunset goes to the Sugar Cube Corner to try one last attempt to conince the Rainbooms that she's innocent. Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow all forgive their younger sister figures, and everybody forgets that Anon-A-Miss happened more or less.

I find a lot of writers make things a little more interesting, something more directed to an older consumer base~

This fic does seem a little more violent, but nothing comparred to some of the ones out there ^^;

Hope that all makes sense~ ^^
(I just love talking about this styoryline xD xD xD)

Can't wait to see how this winds up I hope sunset finds a way to ruin everyone's life by the end.

It's possible it was meant as a pun of some sort I'm missing, but "Failure" is misspelled in the title.

I say that because I'm not very fan of Anon-A-Miss stories, specially the ones who break Sunset until she just kill herself. The ones where Sunset either fights back or say "fuck it I'm better off here" are often some exceptions for me. And then there's another one who played the abuse as a comedy-"take that" that I also liked. Despite I'm not fan of Anon-A-Miss, seeing Sunset standing up for herself feels kinda cathartic.

“What are we going to do… What can we do…?” Applejack asked to no one in particular.


Celestia handled things wrong, trying to say that shit while Sunset was still reeling, all she did was make it look like she favored seeing Sunset suffer.
She blew it big time, ye si get why she said but the timing and then doing what she did...... F&&&* You Celestia!

Easier to scapegoat her than to explain to everyone that she was the victim.

What's really sad about this line is how true it is of schools in real life. A lot of them would rather make a show of punishing an obvious target, even if they're actually a victim, rather than take the effort to deal with the source of the problem.

Zero-tolerance and "It takes two to fight," rules are bullshit, because too many bullies out there know how to exploit them to turn things against their victims, or at least it punishes the victims alongside the actual bullies.

Well, we're off to a good start. In the words of Ron Burgundy: "That escalated quickly". :rainbowderp:

Not so many Anon-a-Miss fics out there where Sunset fights back, or where the Rainbooms realize on their own that they were misled, indeed (of course, by now, it seems like it's too late to fix things; can't wait to see what happens next, I believe the road is paved for some sweet, sweet revenge).
"Fine" comes to mind, but since the next chapter is taking its time, hopefully your story should satisfy me in the interim.

Also, fix the typo in the title ASAP, nothing is more off-putting than a misspelled title for an otherwise good story.
For the rest, there maybe were a couple of mistakes, but nothing immersion-breaking like with that other dumbass.

I hope the next chapter comes soon! :twilightsmile:

I'm intrigued. Keep up the good work

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What the hell do you mean by “just as badly, if not worse,”? How does bitchy queen-bee translate to assault, battery, and attempted murder? If you’re referring to the fall formal, the student body never did giver a second chance. The hu-mane 5 were passive aggressive ass-hats about the whole thing, and everyone else was just openly hostile. The battle of the bands acted as something of a counterweight, but I never saw a single apology for their dickish behavior.

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9086885 - The entire point is that when people see Sunset treated so unfairly in the original story they desperately want "justice" to find its place and to see the mane 6/other students to realize what they were doing and suffer as much as Sunset did, no matter how unrealistic the scenario is. The objective of these stories is to make Sunset seem like some sort of angel of justice that is in the right no matter what and to throw the entire blame at the mane 6 and make them suffer over their actions and cry over Sunset's situation. Since fans desperately want to see this sort of "Justice being done" sorts of stories, they always get high views.

I don't see any of the events in this story being even somewhat realistic except the first half. I can't see anyone suddenly going full-Batman on the entire school and acting like she is the deliverer of justice, let alone Sunset of all the people. And I don't see how any student would freaking physically attack Sunset and then everyone around her would laugh at her just because she revealed some embarrassing secrets. Not even in the slightest. The point of these kinds of stories is to fulfill the fan's desire. And that is perfectly fine, I just personally find it unattractive.

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Hullo everyone, thank you for all the comments. I have fixed the title, thank you for noticing the extra i I had in it. I am glad that a lot of you seem to be enjoying the story, it was fun working on this.

I do have a favour to ask though. Would those of you discussing the believability of Anon-A-Miss and the general plots of stories based on it be able to move your discussion somewhere else? I just want to write a silly story about neon coloured girls from a show directed towards younger children. I would greatly aprreciate it.

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Comment posted by Dr Mysterious Shade deleted Aug 3rd, 2018

So far so good, I'm liking this story.










Looks like Gilda is finally being shown her place:pinkiecrazy:.

“We don’t think you’re Anon-A-Miss…” Rarity said, holding her hands in front of herself protectively.

Oh so now you use your heads:ajbemused:?

Sunset split right through the girls, stomping past as they tried to keep up with her longer strides down the hall, Rainbow having the easiest time keeping up as she tried to plead with the Equestrian. “Please, Sunset! W-We talked about it at lunch and realized that you wouldn’t be so blatant about-”

Of course not:facehoof:! Not when you all know she'd have nothing to gain by this:flutterrage:!

“Please, give us a second chance!”

You already had you're second chance:twilightangry2:.

“We really messed up, didn’t we…” Rainbow Dash said as she and the other Rainbooms watched Sunset’s back, bile threatening to boil out of her stomach as her guilt washed over her.

It was at this moment the Rainbooms knew...they bucked up:twilightoops:!

“What are we going to do… What can we do…?” Applejack asked to no one in particular.


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