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This story is a sequel to Failure of Friendship

Thanks to the events of Anon-A-Miss, Sunset is no longer a Canterlot High School Wondercolt. She still desires to finish her studies, and accepts the assistance of the Sirens in getting enrolled at the other school in Canterlot, Crystal Preparatory Academy. There, she has to deal with all sorts of new drama, from faces both new and familiar, as she struggles to not get wrapped up in the status quo of the Academy.

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I like how this is going so far Can’t wait to read some more especially since Tempest will be involved in this.

Will there be a side story?
Feels incomplete was hoping to see the CMC exposed and the aftermath.

This gonna be an interesting sequel & I'm also very curious, who this Sunstrike is.

This was a great first chapter, and I’m super excited to see where things go from here. :)

Welp. I think we know the name of Sunset's student counterpart.

Damn, this Crystal Prep isn't a high school in size, it's a freaking full-size university!

Thank you. I have some plans for the Human Tempest.

There will not, but I will adress it in the story slowly.

Thank you. Someone already posted a thought (though I have made it pretty obvious).

Thank you.


I failed to mention it here, but student housing is off campus. As far as the size of the academy itself, in the movie it is shown to have 4 stories, as well as a second building off to the side. I decided to incorporate it into one massive school.

You're welcome & I kinda figure by now, Sunstrike is possibly Sunset's human version, but still can't help what she might be like

She will be showing up in chapter 2 I believe.

Ohhhhh, business is about to pickup!


Sunset is moving? But...then how can she have sexy funtimes with the Sirens? :fluttercry:

It is still planned to occur.

I like how this is going so far and I noticed Tempest's name tag attached. Can't wait to see what you do with her. I'm definitely tracking this.

Thank you. She is planned to show up in Chapter 1 briefly, and then more later on. She is going to be a big character in this story.

So will the Sirens follow her? Or maybe just stalk her pre curfew hours.

Well, we've gone from sad and tragedy to comedy and slice of life. I have no idea what to expect whatsoever. Either way, I got a good feeling about this.
I am also expecting Sunset to, ahem, "join" the sirens at some point. I'm jsut wondering if it will be willingly or not...

Is she going to be Sunset's Friend or Foe?

“I don’t know, Aria.” she gave a self conscious chuckle as she returned to looking at the tiled floor, one in particular seeming to demand her attention. “Just… That tile seems to speak to me.”

I know what that's a reference to, it's "Fall of Harmony" by Moon-Lite, its another Anon-a-miss story with the sirens. It's a brilliant duo of stories about Sunset and what happens if she gave up during Anon-a-miss instead of trying to fix it.

kinda feels incomplete with the Anon-A-Miss not exposed! I"M DYING TO SEE IT!

She gave a tired sigh, praying that she was just running into the bad apples of the school- desperately so!

Oh Sunset. You poor, hopeful fool.

This is one of the worst cases of mistaken Identity I've ever seen in fiction.

are her former friends gonna make an appearance

Just so you know, I read through the entire first story, and then this story, since last night. I've never done that before, especially after seeing just how many words were ahead of me.

You at first had my interest. You now have my attention. And I'm looking forward to see where things go from here.

Hey will Sci Twi be here?

They will still show up regularly, just maybe not for a little bit.

She seems to be Sunset's foe, and is going to be a major character.

It is. I really like those stories, and I wanted to pay tribute to one of the funniest scenes.

Anon-A-Miss is not going to be a major plot point again until later in the storyline. But when it happens it will have a full flashback lasting a few chapters.

Sunset did not know CPA's true reputation when she applied.

The Rainbooms and various other Wondercolts will have small cameos later on, and they will have a major presence later on.

Thank you.

She will show up in Chapter 2 or early in Chapter 3.

what about Princess Twilight?

She's included in that group.

I'm going to assume Sunset's still got the journal but she's ignoring Twilight's calls

It was mentioned before the first time break.

what do you mean by that?

never mind, it's in a cardboard box

Did the Sirens know about CPA's true reputation?


It was relatively easy to fold her clothing into the spare cardboard boxes that she had stashed in the back of her massive closet, some of other more delicate belongings resting in between layers of clothes as she went. She paused as she finished folding up a rather revealing top that Aria had gotten her, a box sitting up in the back of the closet, a purple light glittering through its folds.

She got up and walked to the closet door, shutting them firmly before returning to folding the remnants of her clothes.

thanks for showing me, I hope she patches things up with Princess Twilight also I wouldn't be surprised if Princess Twilight isn't talking to the Rainbooms as well

Still angry at the Rainbooms' stupid action

Wonder how long it will take before a floor wide argument breaks out as to wether Sunset is Sunstrike pulling a prank or is real.

Will she eventually become her friend after redeeming herself? Since that does seem to be how these things go with this show.

Well now, what an interesting first day in the dorm rooms

Oh wow... this fic is amazing... hoping for more. Btw I dont know your update schedule but this is a story worth waiting. I can wait update for "Sundowner" and that took almost a year.

Got dammit i was hoping Anon a Miss be exposed already but guess not yet right?

Story writing wise it will be a little while, in universe it was happening at the same time as this, and the same time as the next chapter. I plan to have the Anon-A-Miss portion of this story happen in later chapters, and they will be multiple back to back chapters regarding it.

Why can i only give this one thumbs up!

Amber eyes? When did Sunset's eyes go from tealish to amber?

That was a typo I missed. Thank you for mentioning it.

Gotta love Sunset’s approach. “I doubt we will ever be on good terms so I’m going to drive you into a near apoplectic rage within sixty seconds of starting this conversation.”

Welp Sunset, you screw up big time with your first encounter with Sunstrike (aka the original you). She couldn't help, but open her big mouth & made an enemy out her... This can't end well...

Whoo!!! this is going to be FUN!!!! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy: I am excited to see her relationship with "Sunstrike" and "sci-twi"

( I blame the Human-shimmer and Pony-shimmer fanfic out there)

well you better have Princess Twilight give them such a talking to

because of their spiteful actions coupled with the Rainbooms' stupid decision in the prequel, she's possibly lost Sunset's trust


This is really getting good! Keep going!

I somewhat suspect a blackmail war is incoming...

No offense to Sunset's new outlook on life and all that jazz, but I mean... she sort of has been the aggressor here. Shows up out of the blue, pretty much harasses Sunstrike and creeps her out at their first meeting, purposefully takes all her classes and willingly annoys her during the school day...

Like yeah, Sunstrike might be a jerk, but maybe don't? Just from an outsider looking in perspective, Sunstrike hasn't done anything to warrant it.

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