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Sunset the Shadowbolt - snq144

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Chapter 1: Moving In

“Well… I mean I guess we knew something like this would happen at some point.” Adagio almost sounded sad to Sunset as she finished explaining everything to the three Sirens after apologizing for not texting them. “You kept saying you wanted to get off of our backs.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t expect like this…” she responded glumly, sighing as she watched Sonata and Aria trying not to react. “This feels like I’m just throwing you guys away after all you’ve done for me…”

“Well you’re still allowed to visit us after classes, right?” Sonata gave a weak smile as she looked up. “The bus comes nice and close, right?”

“Yeah, classes run till four, so I could be here around four thirty if I hoof it to the bus.” Sunset found herself unable to match the smile coming from Sonata.

“I still find it strange that they don’t let people on the grounds without permission…” Aria gave a loud huff as she crossed her arms. “Sounds pretty fucking stupid to me.”

“Aww… You really are going to miss me!” Sunset snickered as she watched a blush spread across the purple Siren’s cheeks. “Weekends are also available, which is nice. Though Dean Cadance did mention something about clubs…”

“Would you mind if we just bought you new furniture for there?” Sunset’s head swiveled rapidly towards Adagio, a perturbed look on her face. “I’d prefer that the furniture in your room stay there, to be honest.”

“I guess? I mean, it is all your furniture in the first place.” she gave an uneven laugh as she leaned back in her chair. “The only issue is that I set up tomorrow to be my move in day.”

“Oh, that’s not going to be an issue in the slightest.” Sunset felt her blood start to boil from the chill that ran through her as Adagio gave probably the most menacing smile she had seen yet.

“Um, a-a-alright…” Sunset gulped as she pushed away from the table, standing up slowly as giggling erupted from her long former nemeses. “I’m gonna go start sorting my things. Could you bring me some boxes I guess?”

“Sure, sure… Take your time, dear.” Adagio dismissed her with a wave of her hand as she turned to look at Aria, the girl shuddering slightly. “You’ll have them shortly.”

“Thanks.” Sunset turned and started to head to her room, vaulting up the stairs two at a time and walking hurriedly down the hall until she stood in front of her room. Her soon to be former room. She paused as she rested a hand on the wooden door, a sad smile coming to her face before she turned the handle and slipped inside.

It was relatively easy to fold her clothing into the spare cardboard boxes that she had stashed in the back of her massive closet, some of other more delicate belongings resting in between layers of clothes as she went. She paused as she finished folding up a rather revealing top that Aria had gotten her, a box sitting up in the back of the closet, a purple light glittering through its folds.

She got up and walked to the closet door, shutting them firmly before returning to folding the remnants of her clothes.


“Come on… It’s not like I have that many cards…!” Sunset cursed under her breath as she rifled through her wallet. She always left the purses and giant wallets to the… frou-frou girls; the simplistic design of the boy’s wallets always spoke more to her, though somehow she was still struggling to find the temporary ID card that Dean Cadence had made for her the previous afternoon.

“What are you doing back so early?” came an aggressive voice from behind Sunset, making her pause and turn around. A girl with stunning, red wine coloured hair glared at her, arms crossed even though Sunset struggled to tell the sleeves of her blazer apart from her similarly richly hued purple skin. A stunning scar, similar to Sunset’s own, ran down the right side of her face, her opal eyes narrowing dangerously.

“Oh, Uh… I’m guessing you’re thinking that I’m Sun… strike?” Sunset gave a sheepish shrug as she tried to recall her look alike’s name. “I’ve been getting that a lot the last day and a half. My name is Sunset Shimmer, I’m a new student starting here this coming week.”

The girl standing opposite of her looked down at Sunset’s outstretched hand with a look of distaste before looking back up at the taller girl, distrusting glints in the corner of her eyes. “As if I’d trust you again after what you’ve pulled. Trying to fake a scar again isn’t helping your case.”

“Look, just let me find my ID card- I swore I put it in my wallet!” Sunset started scrambling through her wallet again as she ignored the girl’s last comment, pulling out whatever fake cards the Sirens had given her to fill it up. She gave a victorious cry as she pulled out the dark coloured piece of plastic that would serve to get her into her new dwellings. “Aha! Now if I remember right, Princ- D-Dean Cadence! S-She said to just swipe it across the screen and-”

The box gave a small mechanical beep as the gate leading into the CPA student housing opened, Sunset wearing an embarrassed smile as she turned back to this girl. “So sorry about that. I’m still trying to get used to all this. Er, what’s your name?”

The girl once again glared at her before walking through, leaving Sunset standing alone once again. “Um… Alright then… I guess first order of business is to make sure that I make sure that everybody knows who I am. Just what the hell did this Sunstrike do?”

She started to cross the precipice, only to bounce off the now closing gate with strangled cry, landing on the ground with a dull thud.


“Man, why do I gotta find her again? She gave me the heebie jeebies…” Sunset muttered under her breath as she started to ride the elevator up to the seventh floor. She had to find Starlight Glimmer, the twelfth grade prefect, and let her know about the moving. Apparently she needed to supervise everything? Sunset just shook her head. The sooner it was done, the sooner she could not deal with that girl.

The door dinged, fresh light flooding into the admittedly ornate elevator box before Sunset hurried out. The seventh floor common area was just a giant sitting area, like a giant living room. Plush bean bag chairs and fancy looking sofas sat all over the place, little tables littering the rug as well.

She held firmly onto her ID card as she strode through the empty room towards the entrance to the girl’s side, desperate to not lose it. It was her only way to prove who she was should anybody started coming after her. She was not envious of the movers that Adagio had undoubtedly blackmailed into doing all this, but she wasn’t going to complain. Beggars couldn’t be choosers after all.

Once more she swiped the card over the reader, scurrying inside before the door slid shut immediately behind her. There were a few signs of students here and there, music playing behind one door, flecks of snow melting outside another. She observed what she could as she walked towards the elevator up to the fourteenth floor.

It was a surprisingly fast ride up, Sunset blinking and the door opening again, now standing many more stories up than she had been. She exited, the door shutting right on her heels as she stood beside the entryway into her privileged abode. She paused as she held the card up against the box, the same digital beep echoing through the hall as the door slid open.

“Sunstri- Oh, it’s just you.” Starlight Glimmer gave a tired sigh as she straightened her blazer and skirt, giving Sunset a disinterested look. “I was told you were supposed to come and talk to me.”

“Ah, yes.” the Equestrian nodded, a warm smile on her face. She couldn’t risk getting antagonistic with this girl, even if Starlight was with her. Playing nice seemed to annoy her the previous day, so perhaps the same choice was in order. “Today is the day when all my belongings are moving in. I was told to come find you before the movers showed up.”

“Yes, I’m supposed to make sure that no harm comes to the premises while your possessions are brought in.” a tired nod was the response Sunset received. “Do you know when they will be arriving?”

“Yes, in about…” Sunset paused as she grabbed her phone out of her pocket, taking a quick look at the clock on screen. “Five minutes.”


The moving company was true to their name; somehow nothing got bumped, dinged, or scratched as the four beefy men from Magic Hands Moving Co. got everything from transferred from the moving truck just sitting in the street up to Sunset’s apartment rapidly and safely, all without breaking a sweat while Sunset carried up her boxes from the Sirens’ house.

“Mistress Adagio informed us to ask if you needed any help unpacking everything.” the lead man said, all four standing at rapt attention with their hands clasped in front of them.

“I, uh, I should be fine now, thank you.” Sunset said as she rested her last box against her hip as the six of them stood outside. The leader nodded his head, and as if they were in a movie, all four turned about on their heels and started back towards the large moving van, perfectly choreographed.

“Well that was something…” Starlight Glimmer muttered as Sunset walked back to the gate and swiped her card for hopefully the last time today, box balancing carefully against her thigh. “At least there were no damages to the building so far.”

Sunset could tell Starlight was staring at her, even as the shorter girl trailed behind her, obviously trying to hint something to her. She closed her eyes as she swiped her card at the front door, holding it open for the girl who instead motioned for Sunset to go first. “I didn’t even keep track of all the boxes they brought. Judging by the sizes of them, most of that furniture looks built.”

“Yes, well I wish you haste with setting up your room. Be sure not to cause any damages, nor make too much noise.” Starlight commented hurriedly as she passed Sunset and swiped her ID card across the box, entering the elevator and giving Sunset an extremely fake smile as the door shut in front of the Equestrian, leaving just standing there.

“Wow… What a rude bitch!” Sunset couldn’t help but chuckle in response to her abandonment, actually happy to be free from Starlight’s presence as she walked up and swiped her own card across the console, a different beep filling the air.

“Out of service?” Sunset mumbled as she looked at the screen, a small red circle with a line through it flashing on the minute screen. “Yeah right…”

She turned around and headed to the stairs, shaking her head as she flashed her card, the door sliding open before she slipped through. That Starlight was quite the character, same as the purple girl from before. Hopefully she just was running into the bad apples of the school.

She grunted as she made her way further and further up the steps, bypassing the exits to the various common areas until she reached the seventh floor. Her arms were starting to ache as she pushed her way through the door, giving a tired sigh as she dropped the cube onto the ground, voices filling the air.

“...and that's when she stepped aside like the little bitch she is!” snickering filled the air as Sunset looked up to see a trio of girls loitering at the door to the girl’s dorms.

The one in the middle, who just so happened to be the middle in height of the three noticed Sunset first, her eyes narrowing as she motioned towards the approaching girl with a quick nod of her head, her heavily stylized locks of various blue shades kept under wraps by her goggles.

The one on Sunset’s right was the first to stop snickering and turned to look at her, she was the tallest of the three, her aqua coloured skin contrasting greatly with her purple and pink streaked hair. She crossed her arms as she glowered at Sunset.

The last of the three, who couldn’t halt her antagonistic chuckling, her long, reddish ponytail swinging behind her as she followed her fellows action. Her eyes opened, and any sort of happiness she was showing instantly evaporated.

“I thought you weren’t due back until Sunday night…” the ponytailed one said, her tone bubbling with venomous spite.

“Heh, kudos to whoever gave ya that scar.” chuckles erupted through the three of them at the goggle wearing girl’s comment, a flash of emotion running through Sunset before it was quelled as she joined in with them, silencing the trio.

“Man, I don’t know if I even want to know what this Sunstrike girl has done.” Sunset said as she smirked at the trio who returned to regarding her coldly. “My name’s Sunset Shimmer, I’m going to be a student here starting Monday and I’m just bringing the last of my boxes up.”

“...” came the mimicked response among all three, until the ponytail girl spoke up again.

“Sunset Shimmer? Wasn’t there rumours of a girl by that name tyrannizing CHS?” Sunset felt her heart plummet, the back of her neck breaking into a cold sweat as she started to worry that her cover may be already blown.

“If there were, it would be quite the coincidence.” she said, trying to think quickly on her feet. “You see, I just moved here from Great Bridle; I only got into town recently actually.”

“And why would you come all this way to go to school?” the taller one asked, her arms still crossed, “Great Bridle has some extremely well renowned schools.”

“It’s related to why I now scar.” came Sunset’s faked sheepish response, shifting her box around as she gave an uneven smile. “My parents did some research and apparently Crystal Preparatory Academy has quite the reputation, and the Bainhoof’s don’t skimp.”

“Bainhoof?” the shorter girl shook her head, a confused look on her and the blue haired girl’s faces as the taller one gave a dark chuckle. “Sunny? What’s with the-”

“If you really are a part of the Bainhoof family, I’ll buy you lunch for the first week of classes.” obviously the girl was certain in her offer, a smug look of satisfaction on her face as her other two classmates looked on in still quite confusion.

“Well why don’t you meet me up on the fourteenth floor in a little bit? I just need to dig my paperwork out of one of my boxes.” Sunset was struggling to not snap back at the three of them. She was starting to get a niggling itch in the back of her mind.

“Fourteenth floor? Yeah right!” the goggle wearing girl was the next one to grin in victory. “That’s reserved for real students here!”

“Well, if you’ll let me through, I can prove that I am indeed staying on the top floor. I just got room eleven yesterday.”

The three of them rolled their eyes as they let Sunset at the small console beside the sliding door. “You already have room twelve, liar.”

“Sunstrike stays up there too?” Sunset asked as she stuffed her card back into her shirt and under her bra strap, the door sliding open and admitting her in. “Well this is gonna be extra interesting then.”

“So where did you study back in Bridle, Sunset?” quiet snicker echoed behind Sunset, the girl doing her best to mask her growl with a tired sigh.

“Look, my past doesn’t really matter, alright?” she responded as they crossed into the elevator, Sunset pushing the button for the fourteenth floor after all three other girls had made it into the large box. “All that matters is that I’m going to be studying here for the next six or whatever months.”

“Well at least you’re really smart.” the ponytail girl smirked sideways at Sunset, the going from sweet to sour in an instant. “I doubt you even pass the finals.”

Sunset rolled her eyes, her smile threatening to tear her muscles as she forced it, her fingers digging into the cardboard box as the doors opened once again, the three girls strolling out and waiting patiently for her.

“Well? Ya comin?” the middle sized girl asked, her hands resting on her hips.

“Mhm!” Sunset nodded as she scurried out of the elevator and towards the second to last door leading to the sanctity of her new room. She put the box on the ground and slipped her ID card back out from under her bra, flashing it across the electronic lock. It gave its digital beep of approval and the door slid open. “See?”

“That just proves that you’re most likely Sunstrike failing to trick us.” said ‘Sunny’ simply, motioning for Sunset to head on through.

She grabbed her box and made a leisurely bee line for the stairway up to the second floor. “This is a pretty amazing setup.” she commented, looking back at the three lagging girls. “It almost reminds me of my second house back home.”

She couldn’t help but chuckle as she returned to watching her step as she neared the stairs. Sure, they were getting on her nerves, but if there really was someone that looked like her and had caused a lot of trouble, they were right to be nervous of her. It didn’t mean she could have some fun with this; tell a few fibs to help build up her reputation, and let the Sirens’ paperwork do the rest.

She paused just outside the second door after the stairs, the elegant eleven looking back down at her as she pulled out her card and waved it in front of her trio of disbelievers, their looks of annoyance growing. “Now watch as I, Sunset Shimmer, make this door open with a swipe of my hand!”

“Just fucking do it already, Sunstrike. It’s not gonna work anyways, especially not after the last time you tried.” the blue haired girl said, the other two nodding and murmuring in agreement.

Sunset just smirked as she moved the card across the console, a small beep filling the air as the lock disengaged and Sunset grabbed the handle, the faces of the three girls dropping as Sunset’s smile grew larger as she opened the door. “I’ll take your apologies now, by the way.”

“Sure, if you tell me just how much stuff you brought with you!” the ponytail girl said, pointing into Sunset’s room, causing the girl to peek around the corner before giving a small shout of surprise and stumbling back. The room was packed with these various boxes, all laying in a mess; one could barely see the far wall there was so many!

“Obviously more than I thought…” Sunset whispered as she grabbed her box and walked in, the other three following behind slowly, looking at one another. “The nice thing is my paperwork should be in box number three, which is…”

Sunset dropped the current box in her hands onto one of the other larger ones, holding some kind of large piece of furniture. She walked around the room, scouring through the boxes in search for the one she had written the number three onto as the girls murmured among one another.

“Ah ha!” Sunset cried in triumph as she moved a few thankfully smaller boxes aside to reveal the box she was seeking, dragging it out and starting to peel the tape off. “It should be- right there! Here, further proof in case you still needed it.”

Sunset smiled as she held out a clear bag that contained the photocopied pieces of her (il)legal paperwork from Great Bridle. Thankfully all the really legal stuff was in the back, but a driver’s license and a few other minor pieces sat in the front.

“It’s all photocopies, sorry. Some of my stuff is still on its way here.” she gave a smile as she dropped the paperwork onto her lap. “So what are your names? I take it all three of you stay up here as well, so I may as well learn who’s who.”

“Um… Yeah, uh, my name’s Indigo Zap.” the goggle girl pointed to herself, then to the taller girl and the ponytail girl in turn. “That’s Sunny Flare and Sour Sweet.”

“Nice to meet the three of you properly, even if you were rather off putting at first.” Sunset chuckled as she slowly pushed herself up. “As long as that’s all behind us, then I’m fine.”

“I’m amazed, Sunset.” the Equestrian felt her eyes shut as her silent groan was voiced by the other three girls. “I figured you would keep the riff raff out of your room.”

“Aw, shut up, Starlight!” Indigo spat as all four girls turned to watch the prefect walk into the room, an impressed look on her face as she scanned over all of Sunset’s boxes. “Go mind your own business!”

“I just noticed that the door had been left open and wanted to come see how your progress on your room had gone.” her smile of superiority vexed Sunset, but she kept her temper in check, even if the other three didn’t.

“We’re just making sure she doesn’t fall into your traps.” Sour Sweet said, flipping her ponytail.

“You wound me.” the girl held a hand up to her chest, a facsimile of hurt playing across her features. “I only seek equality.”

“Yeah, equality, but with you as the ruler.” Sunny said, shaking her head. “Go spread your lies somewhere else, Starlight.”

“Very well, I can tell that the unintelligent dislike balance.” Starlight gave a tired sigh as she shrugged, shaking her head slightly before looking past them at Sunset herself. “I would recommend you don’t associate with these… dissenters too much, Sunset. It would harm your reputation around here.”

Sunset refused to reply as Starlight Glimmer turned her back on them, slowly walking back out of Sunset’s room, grabbing the door and closing it behind her. The trio broke into grumbling right in front of Sunset, with much gnashing of teeth and shaking of heads.

“Don’t listen to that girl, Sunset.” Sunny Flare warned coldly, a steely glint in her eye. “She preaches equality, as long as it suits her.”

“Yeah… There used to be more of us here- every room was full before she started her so called “study-groups” back in ninth grade…” Indigo crossed her arms, eying Sunset carefully.

“I recommend you be careful with who it is that you trust in this school.” Sour Sweet said, the ‘warm’ smile on her face sending warning signals through Sunset’s mind, and chills down her back. “Just let your new friends take care of you.”

“Friends, huh?” Sunset gave a cold laugh, the blood starting to heat up in her veins. “Do friends here put people through the ringer like you three did? Maybe we can become friends, but I wouldn’t count on it until you show me some real respect. For now though, I suggest the three of you leave. I have a lot to set up.”

Sour Sweet’s face was a mix of emotions as the other two girls started to drag her away and out of Sunset’s room, until the girl was finally by herself amidst a sea of boxes. She gave a tired sigh, praying that she was just running into the bad apples of the school- desperately so! At least she wasn’t the only one that disliked that Starlight girl, and it seems she may have a bit of a history here herself!

For now, she really should focus on unpacking the boxes and getting her room set up properly. She would instantly regret not getting the movers to help her as the first box she opened revealed a massive dresser.

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