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This story is a sequel to Fall of Harmony

It is now March. Sunset has been excelling in her studies at Crystal Prep, running top marks in all of her classes and gaining the attention of the Academies Principal. She is going to have to rely on her friends to help with what is about to happen in her life.

This is an alternate take on the Friendship Games, and will incluse some personal changes to the happenings as well as the structure of the Games themselves.

Gore warning for aftermath of self harm as well as later events
Rated Teen for discussion of the aftermaths of self harm

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Sure Chinch, go ahead and blackmail the flaming bacon-haired girl who nearly killed herself due to being framed for cyberbullying into taking part in an event being held at the very high school where said incident occurred. What could possibly go wrong... :twilightangry2:

Sequel! 8D

Ya, Cinch is evil, but this is just the tip of the iceberg~ >;'D

"“Because you so obviously care for her. Afterall her and her family were the ones to take you in after you failed killing yourself during December.”" - You may want to put a space in between "Afterall" to make "After all".

Very intriguing start to where the games are heading and shows Cinch is just as cruel and stupid as she is in the film. She's so focused on a mere game she's not even thinking about the cons of her reputation should she be found out or if Sunset does have a relapse. She's too focused on blind ambition to even realize she's on a path of self-destruction, much like how Sunset was before the Fall Formal.

It will be glorious to see Cinch get her due. Stupid woman never realized the problem of her education vs Celestia's. Yes, Crystal Prep may have been the best, but Cinch tried to squash any potential they had after they left school so her reputation can never go beyond high school, and heck, with how the students were with never cheering on another it makes them terrible for work places where you have to work together, unlike Celestia, who fostered friendships and the like. Cinch keeps everything stuck in one place whereas Celestia allowed it all to grow beyond high school.

Of course, who knows how well things have been for Celestia since Sunset left, but I guess we'll see. I just hope Sunset can keep the demon at bay.

Fixed~! ^^

Yup, Cinch is revealing what kind of person she is to poor Sunset. Now we just have to wait and see what comes of it~ >:'D

yay ^^ thanks for the kinds words on sucha basic preview~ ^^

And within the next 10 minutes Sunset, who had her phone record the entire thing, will upload what they spoke about in her office onto Youtube then, lets see how Cinch survive that.


Oh come on, this is YOUR story after all, have Sunset go back on her word and double cross Cinch by doing just that, Sunset does not wish to return to CHS for anything, also I'm shocked that Sunset didn't go further with what she would have done to the CMC, she could have at least tapped into the dreams of the CMC and given them nightmares.

hehe xD
Sunset did not have any idea that she should record her meeting, and she cares too much about Twilight's future to go back on her word to Cinch~

As far as dream manipulation, she has no such powers~


Damn, I just hate it when Sunset can't do anything right away to get what she wants, anyway have her go and tell Cadance then that Cinch is doing this to her, also is Sombra or Lauren Faust the Superintendent of Crystal Prep, because if either of them found out what Cinch was doing, then her times would be up for working there.

Sombra is a gym teacher at Crystal Prep, and I'm still trying to decide what silly tole to give The Faust XD

Oh Cadance is goign to be ssssooooo mad. an angry Cadance is a scary Cadance.


Well I would think having Lauren Faust as the Superintendent for Crystal Prep would be good, maybe that way you can have Starswirl as the Superintendent for CHS, and this way Lauren and Starswirl could have been the one's to set up the Friendship Games when they could have been the principal's of said schools, but then they find out what has been happening to the games and become pissed off beyond belief at how Cinch has ruined the reputation of Crystal Prep by blackmailing it's students to force them to join in the games just so she can make herself look good.

Gonna have to wait and see what happens in the first chapter then ;'D

Aaaaaand Cinch just dug her own grave. (pulls out notepad and pen) Tell me Madame, would you prefer lilies or orchids for your wake?

Wow, she caved really easily. Seriously, she's supposed to be super smart, so why didn't she tell the bitch to fuck off, and then confront her at a later date, but with a secret recording device. See how the cunt likes blackmail, when she's the one being blackmailed.

BITCH!!!! :twilightangry2: cinch you shall die in the pits of Tartarus. Great start by the way

Wow, never thought that I could hate Cinch even more than I already did since watching Friendship Games for the first time :flutterrage:

I doubt that Cinch would be stupid enough not to expect something like this when Sunset refuses now and talk to her again later suddenly

ok, so my thinking was that Cinch would obviously make good on her threat, at which point she would expect Sunset to confront her. I would have looked into some sort of magic concealment spell, and then had someone record the entire conversation from a third person point of view.

But that's just me, and I am aware that this is all form a readers point of view.

True that Cinch would never expect magic as she mentioned here, but I doubt she would opnely say it again. She already said in her office to Sunset what she wants from her, so she won''t need to confirm anything again in an 'unsafe' environment. When Sunset would say or ask anything about what she threatened her with she only needs to say something like 'I don't know what you are talking about'. Then there is no way to pin her down on what she said before, but Sunset still knows it.

I hope I could make it clear what I mean. English is not my first language so sometimes it's harder to really explain myself :twilightsheepish:

Lemme guess: Cinch instead of triggering the birth of Midnight Sparkle, will bring back Sunset Satan... Somehow. I hope the Rainbooms and the Wondercolts do NOT add any more fuel to this hellfire.

Knowing her it be roses with only the sharpest of thorns xD

Sunset was more worried about Twilight's future than her own present. She still has very little self-worth so she's fine suffering to make sure others are happy~

And Cinch will make sure to disown anything Sunset says, and she knows she can get away with it. She also wont be saying anything about what she has done to anybody

Yup, I want her to be suuuuuper evil, and this is just the start ^^;

Glad you like it so far~ ^^

hehe, good old Murphy huh? XD

Glad you like the little preview I have! Hopefully I can match expectations ^^;

Will just have to see what evil she commits >;'D

I didn't expect to see this so soon. I also noticed you added more chapters to the first story which I read by the way and I'll review those when I can. But now we come to this, so Cinch blackmails Sunset into the games? :facehoof: Can that bitch be anymore self centered and stupid? I always hated how she barely got punished in the original so I hope whatever you have plan to punish that moron fits the crime on that bitch.

I hope Sunset doesn't keep this to herself and let's her new friends know about, along with her adoptive family. I honestly wonder though how CHS academics and their athletes have rising. I was honestly expecting the opposite after what everyone went through. So hope to see the next update and so hope you have that bitch Abacus pay the price for her ignorance and stupidity!

Good Luck Moon-Lite.

Surprise! ;'D

Yeah I added a few One-Shot's that took place during that time period, just to flesh out some things I didn't have time to fully write up in the normal chapters, or didn't fit with the main story line~

Cinch will eventually get her comeuppance, just gotta wait and see what happens I guess~ >;'D

Thanks for the words of encouragement! ^^

Yeah! You tell her, Sunny Bunny! :rainbowkiss:

Very glad to see this story up and running so quickly.

Actually, the newest Equestria Girls movie - an anthology split into three episodes - revealed that Cinch didn't get off scot-free. Even if no one believed the whole "student turning evil through use of corrupted magic because her principal wanted to win a game" thing, she still blackmailed a student and has an extensive record of unethical treatment in regards to the other students. As a result, she got fired and Cadence took her place.

That said, her influence was toxic and her social Darwinist rhetoric had been pounded into the heads of Crystal Prep for years. Even if the Friendship Games was an eye-opener, it wasn't enough to completely undo what they were taught for years. As a result, the Shadowbolts are still assholes in the first segment. However, they do seem to be aware that this an unhealthy mindset and they do part on good terms with the main characters, so maybe, with Cadence as principal, they will be able to improve as people.

Sunset had no way of knowing Cinch would blackmail her and wouldn't have been able to have a recording device. Not only that, but Sunset is smart enough to realize that, had she resisted, Cinch's words would have proven true in that her leverage made her more believable and she could have told everyone Sunset was just still feeling the stress of her near suicide. There is no proof against her. And Conch is too smart to take a simple threat at face value, she'd demand to hear the recording, which would inevitably back Sunset into a wall. If anything, hopefully Sunset confronts her about it later and has a secret recording device ready. However, if I know Moon-Lite (and I don't) this is going to be way too epic to have it end in even a remotely peaceful way like that.

That she has~ Lets see if she listnes ;'D

Just a preview for now, though teh im just finishing up my prep work for the arc so chapter writing shall be starting soon~! ^^

Ya, my Shadowbolts are a little more friendly, but only cause they see how smart Sunset is, and are, at first, sucking up to her xD

also i want more stuff on canadian netflix! DX

Alright, so I know I've yet to finish commenting on the rest of Fall of Harmony, and I wasn't going to comment on this yet either (I wanted to make sure my internet was consistent first instead of doing it via phone), but this is just too good. I am SO ready for whatever you have in store. I know whatever you come up with will be amazing, so don't sweat it. We didn't chicken out of Fall of Harmony, we're here to stay, especially if Cinch gets the comeuppance we all know she deserved in the movie, but never got. Can't wait to see more!

Get ready for a slow burner then~ ^^
It's gonna start a little slow then its gonna blow like <redacted>~! ^^

Excellent, so plenty of time, to perhaps...include more story elements that are...boat related? :trollestia:

Yeah I saw all three of the Equestria Girls Specials. I was surprised to find out that Cinch was replaced with Dean Cadence as Principle to Crystal Prep Academy but it was never said how but I have a feeling it was being caught for blackmailing. Glad she was removed.

Hehe the shipping starts to show up in the next arcs xD

To be honest​ here, this doesn't sound like Sunset Shimmer, who would know that if Twilight's parents are so well versed in the School board like it says in the previous story, both Twilight and Sunset would be fine in finding a college even with the principal's disapproval.

Oh boy, i do hope that is going to end with Cinch being reduced to a smoking pile of ash

just gonna have to wait and see~ ^^

Will the POV shift between CHS and CP. Is CHS still effected by what happened with Anon-a-Miss, with secrets being spread. Bet some friendships ended badly in the aftermath.

The PoV Shall remain pretty much entirely on Sunset, especially since so much of the chapter shall take place in a short period of time, so there is not going to be any One-Shot's potentially~

I will show off CHS and how the school has dealt with the aftermath of their actions~

Good to see Adagio was able to tell that Sunset is clearly in a fury of emotions with Cinch blackmailing her. Even if they can't do anything about it this moment, it's better for Sunset to have someone to confide in and vent to. It'll help keep her demon at bay. It was very nice to see them all being able to relax with a party and Sonata bringing up the thing with the tongue - priceless! XD

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