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After the events of Anon-A-Miss, Sunset is alone. Her friends don't trust her. Her own friends, who she thought loved her, so easily cut her off. She realizes the she is once again living her worst fear; being alone. With this comes feelings that Sunset had thought left her long, long ago.
(TRIGGERS: Suicidal thoughts and attempt, mentions of self harm, being alone.)


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lets see more soon

I want to see where this goes.

p.s. There's an Equestria Girls tag

I'm not liking that romance tag... :ajbemused:

I'll try to get the next chapter done soon!

Chapter 2: coming soon! And sorry, I didn't notice the tag. I'll change it, thanks!

Yeah I just added it because I'm trying to hint towards a relationship between Sunset and AppleJack. Well, not even a relationship, but more of just AppleJack having a crush on Sunset. I don't know, I might remove it later. Hope you enjoyed the story regardless!

7477261 On the subject of the romance, i'd say it depends on if it's going to go somewhere. if it's going to stay one-sided, and hardly ever be mentioned, then drop it. If it actually goes somewhere and becomes a bigger part of the story, then keep it.

That's the problem. I'm not sure yet if I want to expand upon it at the end or not. I suppose I'll leave it up, and when I finish this story decide to keep it or not.

7477684 Well do you have someone to use as a sounding board? sometimes just being able to work your problems out in the real world helps things move forward.

No, not really. Does it matter though? It's not like my personal life impacts the story.

7477820 No No, problems as in your issue with not being sure where the romance plays into the story. sometimes, pitching your story ideas to someone helps work through whatever issues you may be hung up on. even if they don't really offer any suggestions that are good, just talking through it can help. But it's just a suggestion.

Yeah, I don't really have many brony friends, so it's really hard to find someone for that. Thanks anyways.

Oooh, typos! Getting scary already!

Lol, but seriously, I love Fics with this premise! Definitely going to be in my favorites.

I'm hopin you keep the possible romance idea. How it coudl go no idea.
I do admit i'm the type who favs true love conquers all, but in this case.

i won't mind the she blew it, she lost her chance forever ending.

Which will turn around into more forgiveness crap, nnope.

ugh sorry! I'm using word pad which doesn't have a spell check, so I usually rely on the filter on here for that. Glad you liked it though, and thanks for the fav!

I'm thinking that Sunset won't have it in her heart to forgive AJ. Still not fully sure though!

I'm actually not sure if I want Sunset to forgive the Mane 5. Or, if she does, it will take a really long time.


That more realstic, it take a long time before she could forgive them fully, let alone trust them agaild find new friends and a new love as well.

thatw as so ahrd for me tow rite, as i love the ide aof Apple jack/Sunset as well, but int his story it could not happen due to what happened. Just have to wait and see.

Do you think you could edit this so it has tab spacing and paragraph breaks? It's really hard to read a run on paragraph like this.

Yeah, I'll definitely do that next time. The way my writing program is doesn't really allow for blank lines or asterisks, it just automatically deletes them. Sorry for the inconvenience.

update as soon as you can

when are u updating? i'm dying to see more!

I'll try to update soon, I've just gotten really bad writers block. I'll try to finish it soon though!

Barely :-: Sorry it's been so long, I have a ton of school work rn

7556886 do you have any friends who are willing to stand up for you make a sequel you know to take off the burden of having to do fanfiction for you you know because school is important I understand that so is life

7556886 I feel you man :applecry:
Put school first, come back to this only when you can.:ajsmug:

Not really, lol. I'm working on a chapter 2, so I hope it'll be out soon.
Lol thanks I will, I'm adding bits to the story when I have time between school

"Leave. Now."
Four of them got up, seeing the swift nod AppleJack gave them and walked out the door. Sunset refused to look at or speak to Applejack. Finally, AppleJack sighed and stood, letting go of Sunsets hand.
"I love you." was all she said before crossing the small room and closing the door softly behind her, leaning her forehead against its cool surface and finally allowing some of her tears to escape. Before she left, she could swear she heard sobbing from the other side.

Uhm...... You don't exactly leave someone who just tried to commit suicide alone.
You get them under observation and psychological help of some sort, to prevent any further attempts!

That's all addressed in the upcoming chapter. Sorry it's taking so long, massive writers block :/

7591997 Then I'll hold further questions till then

7592871 Okay. Sorry again to everyone for the massive wait!

when are you making moar! :ajbemused:

7611406 Agh I have part of the next chapter waiting but I just can't seem to get the end right. I'm really, really sorry! :twilightblush:

7616092 by 'the end' you mean the title of the story or the ending of said chapter? :applejackconfused:

7627956 lmao a little bit of both, I guess

7477261 Awesome! Sunjack is way underrepresented in this fandom!

WELL, I'm guessing it's the end of 'The End'. :applejackunsure:


True. But I think those five would had done more harm, considering they were the reason she did this. She needs an expert who will listen and understand her, not five 'friends' who quickly turn against her when something comes up.

7647551 The thing is that they can't do any worse to Sunset... they already made her suicidal!

Thus in this situation, the correct procedure would be to call an ambulance and tell them that there were an attempted suicide, and the wait UNTILL the ambulance personell arrive and take over!

Sunset is in severe depression and suicidal.... the proper response in for her being placed on observation to determine how severe her case is and if she should be placed under 'suicide watch' immediately, while she's getting the help she needs through the proper channels and from the right institutes.

7647703 They didn't leave Sunset in her apartment... Sorry if I made it unclear, but they get her to the hospital. That's where the whole end scene for chapter 1 took place. She woke up again in the hospital with them all there. Then she made them leave. She was still in the hospital though. Hope this helped!

This is what I was imagining. Thank you for quoting it better than I could!

Update as soon as you can

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7700205 Dude calm down. I'm taking all AP classes and I'm in a full time club. It takes a lot of time, and you're being a dick. If you're going to be a bitch, just unfollow it please.

I'm very happy you updated, it very good one! I love it, and was worth the wait, don't worry, i know you're very busy, take you're time.
again was worth the wait.

Will Sunset be thinking about going home again to ehr world?
Well sounds like it don't blame her, but won;t be easy, there the pony counter parts of her exfriends.
Can't wait tos ee hwo the CMC are doing during all this, Bloom must hate herself making her sister turn against the girl she was in love with.

Happy to see a new chapter up! And take all the time you need, AP classes are evil my guy.

7707889 I was thinking about writing the next chapter from Appleblooms POV. But I guess we'll have to see. Thanks for being so nice!
7707894 yes, they can definitely be tiring. Thanks so much for understanding ❤️

I Understand it'll take time and that you're extremely busy with something important. I Can Wait till the next one. Your Education and health is more important, plus you have other hobbies than writing chapters for our entertainment. If I was in your position, I be stressed & pissed as well and unable to have time for myself.

Really Applejack...? You Would still go back to her after everything You, Your Friends, Your Foolish Sister & Her Friends have Done? Personally I Agree with Sunset, Never Show Your Face before Sunset Again, It's Too Late for Apologies and Forgiveness...

I'm well aware of how demanding school can be, with me being a junior in college, so take your time.

7707969 thanks so much for being so understanding!

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