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3 awsome songs for the masses.

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broken iris's epicness shared

we are legion

we are legion, we are every where

we watch every one, every day, all the time

you cannot escape what is every where, you cannot out run what you cant see or feel

you cant hide from what is always watching, always.

you cannot trick the watcher

you cannot scare the nightmare

you cannot out run the shadows

you cannot find peace where the darkness lies

you cannot lie to the listener

you cannot block out the screamer

you cannot lock in the isolated

you cant shun the rejected

you cant hurt the tortured

you cant destroy the ruined

you cannot light the void

you cannot escape the runner

you cannot condem the damned

where darkness lies the light never shines

the dark and light in eternal conflict

where suffering ends the pain begins

what is broken can never be repaired

we will always find you

for we are legion

dragenfire68 - we are legion

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at some point, I honestly write these based on how I feel, and the feelings that I had when writing it, they don't come by often.

So fallen angels updating?

Thanks for adding my story, have a taco 🌮

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