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All fanfic somehow connected with great game "Story of the Blanks" by Donitz are more than welcome in this group.

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7 years since the last comment until now:pinkiecrazy:

you know i just thought of this the eyes of a little sister from bioshock and ruby from sotb look the same so what would a big daddy do?

hrm... I may have my own brand of this intriguing tale to give... Just working on it a bit and ironing out the creases, trying to make sure its quality even if not quantity.

294216 Well, then your sos as far as I can tell. It seems you'll just have to have him add it then.

294214 -.- i'm a techno tard aswell as a VERY horrible writer. he does the writing. i can tell him to add it her...if i knew how...

294210 Okay, if your friend wrote the story, then he needs an account or he needs to give you the whole story, and you'll have to publish it yourself. It's really not hard at all, just create a story, add the title, give a brief description, add the character tags that represent who is in it, and after your done editing each chapter, just click the publish button on all of them.

294207 i didn't write my story, my friend did and this is confusing me like crazy

294202 To add it to your group, go to your story's chapter selection page and look for a tab that says add to group. It will give you a list of where you can add your story. Since this is a small group you can add it just once, but if your part of other groups where the story could match, then you can add it else where too. If you have any trouble please let me know.

And as a small request I would like it if you could read my story as well. When you've added yours I'll do the same. Again if you have any trouble please PM me or something.

293267 how do i add it on here?

292659 Yup, that is what this group is for! :pinkiegasp:

my friend wrote a story of the blanks fic for me and it's GOOD! can it be in here?

Not enough Story of the Blanks fanfics if you ask me. And why are there no Story of the Blanks emoticons! This must change!

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