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This group is for fans of the Geoverse, the name given (by me) to a collection of stories I wrote which chronicle my adventures in Equestria (because it is quite obvious to everyone that 'Geo' is short for 'GeodesicDragon').

Crimson Star is co-creator of the Geoverse. Give him some love as well!

If you are having trouble following the order of the stories, then here is an ordered list. Stories with the same number take place within the same timespan. Please bear in mind that this list does not include one-shots (other than the two prequels) or clop.

1. The Last Of His Kind (Prequel)
2. Reunited (Prequel)
2. To Friend Is Human
3. To Love Is Human
4. To Observe Is Science! (by Crimson Star)
5. To Live Is Human
6. The Farmer And The Spy
7. Prisoner of Love
8. To Test Is Science! (by Crimson Star)
9. A Season Of Adventure
10. Evil Rising
11. Title TBC


Clopfics: No explanation required.
One-Shots: One-chapter stories set within the Geoverse.
Actual Geoverse: All the stories which make up my own version of Equestria.
Alternate Geoverse: Stories set in different versions of the Geoverse, and as such are not connected to the main one in any way.
Other Canon: These stories don't make up the main Geoverse storyline, but are still canonical to the universe as a whole.
Fan-Made Geoverse: Stories written by people who appreciated the series enough to write their own story about it.
Referenced: While not set in the Geoverse, these stories reference it in some way or another.
Non-Canon: These stories are set in the Geoverse, but have no effect on it whatsoever.


Anyone with a Contributor rank (green plus sign) has contributed to the Geoverse in one way or another. A list of all current Contributors, and what they gave, can be found here.

If you've contributed but are not on the list then send me a PM, with proof of your contribution, and I will promote you.

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Is there anything new planned, Geo??

Please refrain from posting any comments here, as I am not alerted to them and I rarely check for new ones. I don't want to give the impression that I'm ignoring everyone so if you have something to say, then please start a forum topic!

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No, wait. I get it now.

Non-Canon: The story is set in the Main Geoverse, but has absolutely zero effect on it. Anything that happens will never be recalled in the main stories.

Alternate: An entirely different Geoverse, with different scenarios and the like.



Where does it say that?

322693 Non-Canon and Alternate Geoverse sound almost exactly the same.


Of course I did. I am notified about replies to my own comments, but I am not notified about new comments in general.

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Post more Season of Terror soon, please!


There are many ways you can do this. You can submit an idea, dialogue, an OC, or even a story of your own!


Welcome back! :rainbowkiss:

I must have somehow unfollowed at one point. :rainbowderp: Weird.
Ah well, back now!

Hoping to contribute to your many noble goals :pinkiehappy:

Technically, you only proofread one chapter in The Thoughts that Count. It might be worth creditability if you were to proofread every other chapter. Just saying.


Welcome aboard!


As luck would have it, a Bonus Chapter I'll be writing for A Season Of Adventure will reveal the solution to this conundrum. :rainbowwild:

I wonder what Geopony looks like...:rainbowhuh:

RANDOM THOUGHT:pinkiecrazy:

I suppose, now that I've joined this group, I should probably try and read some of these things... welp, here goes! :rainbowdetermined2:

Thanks man, I dont know why I didn't join sooner?

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