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An offshoot of GeodesicDragon's story, set after To Love is Human. Rating may change as the story goes on.


Some time after Geo makes it back to Equestria, Dr. Sorou is still getting settled in. At least the ponies are making him feel welcome, but how welcome will he feel when he has to get involved in the local populace interactions? Set around Dr. Sorou, and told from his point of view.

Chapters (17)
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Comments ( 118 )

Once again, I nearly pissed myself laughing at that 'do you use protection?' bit.

@ Geo Well, it IS a legitimate question...


I know, but it was still funny as fuck.


Oookkkaaaaayyyy he blures the line but then i destroy it by running it over with a tankk (not sure if in this one or last)

SorouxPinkie is now canon. or will be.

I knew it! I could see it coming!

AcePie! :pinkiehappy:


DAMNIT YOU GUYS SAIDIT BEFORE tho i thought of it last chapter


Pinkie logic breaks every rule also for the last part DDAAAAWWWWW

Yep. AcePie. I fuckin' knew it. :pinkiehappy:

Also, Featherweight will do the right thing. If he doesn't, get Tiny to crush his bones into dust! :twilightangry2:

EDIT: I was writing Chapter Seven of To Live Is Human when I read this. I had to go back and edit a bit of it to include the AcePie revelation, if it could even be called that, since everypony saw it coming. :twilightsmile:


Tiny to crush his bones? :fluttercry:

I think that's a bit too harsh. The kid's got good intentions, after all.


HEY CRIMSON (i got it right!!!:pinkiehappy:) ARE WE FRIENDS??? i like yoi story with you and geo i could point out mistakes like i already did once if you dont mind


Of course we're friends. Don't worry, I proofread myself.

And much fun was had ... after I changed my trousers.


1303282 um... what was that?


I just got it you laughed so hard you sharted your trousers

I knew it was Slendy as soon as you said "lanky limbs"


*walking, walking, walking, falls offcliff and barely catches myself* what a cliff hanger! To me any ways

HEY! Why did I have to ragequit?! :flutterrage:

... oh wait, it's what I do. :twilightsmile:

Good chapter, as usual. I'm keen to see what Ace's surprise for Pinkie will be, though. :pinkiesmile:

Umm i must've missed something because I don't remember anything about a trial in this story


My story happens at the same time as Geo's. Things that happen in his story will be referenced in mine. It's recommended that you read To Live is Human, so you don't feel out of the loop.


Wait a secpinkie how did you get in here?!?!? I donno

Yay, an update! :twilightsmile:

Boo, another cliffhanger! :twilightangry2:


1349043 geo geo geo *tsk, tsk, tsk* you never show emotions even when you see your favorite fluffy kitten got ran over by your house also your daww was the finale straw i started to laugh a little at you.


1357173 fine fine you pet eagle or poodle or turtle whatever that you own maybe a lama? Ostrich? Alpaka?


1357562 fine fine whatever but your favoritist cute pet

I was half expecting Ace to show a couple of episodes of Jackass to Rainbow Dash.

TF2 Mann vs Machine (ponyville mode) sweet

It's Canon that residents of Equestria knowingly break out into random musical numbers and think nothing of it.

I dare somepony to prove me wrong.

With how many times it's happened in the series? Yeah, I'll swallow that. Just don't expect me to have any in my fics cause I'm shit at song writing.


Dude i laughed so hard even tho i tried to keep it in


Also hi cromson!!!!! (purposely put that. ;) lol)


*eye twitch*

Hey, Hi.

And because no one apparently caught the blog post, and it's happened again, I'm posting it here.

I can handle people disliking my story, but I just wish people would give me feedback about what they don't like.

It's one thing to say "I dislike this story." It's quite another to say "I didn't like that this happened. I think you should improve on blah blah blah blah blah..." With the former, I have no information, and am left guessing as to what's wrong with the story. With the latter, my faults are revealed to me, and I can improve upon what writing skills I have, and become a better storyteller.

So please, whether you like or dislike my stories, send me a message. I don't care if it's a comment on the story, or a private message, but if you tell me what about my story you didn't like, then you give me a great chance to improve.

Hey, screw you Rainbow!:flutterrage:

Donkeys are a proud, strong willed people with a rich cultural heritage.:rainbowdetermined2:


Ever since Hurricane Fluttershy, Rainbow strikes me as one of those ponies who has a low opinion of Donkeys and mules, but is too polite to come out and admit it. Really, though, in Griffon the brush off, she seems to have a low opinion of anyone who tries to come up to her, and you have to prove your awesomeness beforehand if you want her friendship.

In that way, she seems kinda stuck up.


1444057 nothings wrong i just had a good laugh

Another awesome chapter two.....ummmm....hoofs up?

Im the only one that when you mentioned a big robot controlled by a floating plataform thought of Robotnik?
aaaand the you said PING AS and that was a Shoutout...

1452865 Hey! Guess who inspired Dr. Ace Sorou? :pinkiehappy:


That's... Wow. I never thought about that....

All aboard the Pain Train!

Those diamond dogs are going to EAT SHIT AND DIE.


1500523 no modern like the laser triangle packed full of the.most explosive explosives in the world>>1501228 probably not die but still they will of course first they'll have to.go through what i mentioned to geodesic


I was waiting for someone to post that picture. :rainbowlaugh:

1506591 I found it on a crossover where the aliens shot Fluttershy

The Pain Train has derailed! ... Not to worry, for the Awesomeness Train will now take its place.

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